Dr.Sivamurukan P

Dr.Sivamurukan Palanisamy
Assistant Professor
Medical Registration number: 
TNMC 89326
OPD Timing: 
General pediatric OPD - Wednesday 11 AM to 1 PM
Academic Qualifications: 

MBBS, MD (Pediatrics), DM (Pediatric critical care)

Special Area of Interest: 
Pediatric critical care, Pediatric emergency, Cost effective interventions/ innovations

13 (details enclosed)

Publications list

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  • Sravani Muske, Sriram Krishnamurthy, Sadish Kumar Kamalanathan, Medha Rajappa, K. T. Harichandrakumar & Palanisamy Sivamurukan (2018) Effect of two prophylactic bolus vitamin D dosing regimens (1000 IU/day vs. 400 IU/day) on bone mineral content in new-onset and infrequently-relapsing nephrotic syndrome: a randomised clinical trial, Paediatrics and International Child Health, 38:1, 23-33, DOI: 10.1080/20469047.2017.1319528
Special Clinics: 

1. Immunization clinic - Wednesday 2 PM to 4 PM
2. Child development clinic - Thursday 11 AM to 1 PM