Dr. Sreenath GS

Dr. Sreenath G S
Additional Professor
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Tuesday from 9am to 1pm
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MCh (Surgical oncology), FMAS

Special Area of Interest: 
Surgical oncology

Publications by Dr. Sreenath GS – surgery Additional professor JIPMER puducherry during last 4 years

  1. Aniruthan D, Pranavi AR, Sreenath GS, Kate V. Efficacy of single layered intestinal anastomosis over double layered intestinal anastomosis-an open labelled, randomized controlled trial:Int J Surg 2020; 7: 173-178.
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  7.  Angeline Mary Samy, Amaranathan Anandhi , G S Sreenath et al.Effect of perineural bupivacaine infiltration on reducing inguinodynia in patients undergoing inguinal meshplasty – a randomized controlled trial  ACTA CHIRURGICA BELGICA: 2020:1-7.
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  9. Gorrepati Rohith, Souradeep Dutta ,Sreenath G. S.A Rare Case of Penile Strangulation by a Hard Plastic Bottleneck:
Cureus 12(10): e10814. DOI 10.7759/cureus.10814
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  16. Vikram Kate,Subair Mohsina,Gubbi Shamanna Sreenath,Jharna Mandal;prevelence of Helicobactor pylori infection in colorectal cancers- A cross sectional study;Ind J surg: (2022).
Special Clinics: 

Surgical oncology