Dr. Santhosh Satheesh

Dr. Santhosh Satheesh
Professor and Head
OPD Timing: 
Mondays/ Tuesdays
Academic Qualifications: 

MD (Medicine) DM (Cardiology)

Special Area of Interest: 
Coronary interventions, Coronary physiology, Coronary imaging, heart failure, valvular interventions


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Positions Held: 
  • Coordinator Quality Council, COVID-19 Task force and Member Secretary of Solar Energy and Ground Water Recharge committee
  • Member of MOU Committee, Animal House and Staff Canteen Committee in JIPMER.
  • Member Board of Studies- Cardiovascular Sciences at Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute of Medical Science and Technology, Trivandrum
  • Member of National Task Force Cardiovascular Research of ICMR New Delhi
  • Member Expert panel ( Cardiology) of Standard Treatment Guidelines MOHFW New Delhi
  • Core committee and working group member National Health Research Policy, Ministry of Health& Family Welfare, Govt of India.