Dr. Noyal Mariya Joseph

Dr. Noyal Mariya Joseph
Additional Professor
Select List of Former: 
Former Faculty
Medical Registration number: 
76108 (Tamil Nadu Medical Council, 2009)
Academic Qualifications: 

MBBS, MD (Microbiology)

Special Area of Interest: 
TB diagnostics,Biomarkers of TB,Immunopathogenesis of TB meningitis,Drug resistance in <em>Mycobacterium tuberculosis,</em>Non-tuberculous mycobacteria and Detection of Mycobacterium leprae
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Positions Held: 
  • Member of the nodal team for establishment of RT-PCR centers for COVID-19 testing in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh (2020-21)
  • Member Secretary of Plagiarism verification committee of JIPMER (2017 – till date)
  • Executive Member of the JIPMER Scientific Society (2018)
  • Member of Operational Research committee of RNTCP State Task Force (Pondicherry) (2017 – till date)
  • Joint Secretary of IAMM Puducherry Chapter (2013 – 2019)
Special Clinics: