Seventh JSS monthly scientific meeting at Bernard theatre on 21.02.2019 3:15 PM

Dear all,
The seventh JSS monthly scientific meeting will be held on 21.02.2019 (Thursday) at 3:15 PM in BERNARD THEATRE, Institute Block. Following are the presentations:
Short talk:
RPWD-2016 (Rights of Persons with Disabilities): New Guidelines for Disability Assessment
Dr. Navin Kumar, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Original paper (Faculty):
1. Response to horse ATG (Thymogam) and Cyclosporine in Aplastic Anemia, a retrospective study of 60 patients.
Deepak Amalnath
Department of Medicine
Original papers (Residents):
2. Assessment of acoustic characteristics of tracheoesophageal speech in patients on successful Tracheoesophageal prosthesis following Total Laryngectomy
Jijitha Lakshmanan, Sivaraman G, Prasanth Penumadu, Sunil Kumar Saxena
Departments of ENT and Surgical Oncology
3. Effect of 2 mg vs. 4 mg of Zoledronic Acid on Bone Mineral Density at Lumbar Spine in Indian Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis – a Double-Blind Parallel Arm Randomized Controlled Trial
Harsh Durgia, Jayaprakash Sahoo, Sadishkumar Kamalanathan, Sonali Sarkar, Ramkumar G, Henith Raj
Departments of Endocrinology, Preventive and Social Medicine, and Radiodiagnosis
4. Association of Helicobactor pylori infection and colorectal cancer - A case control study
Pranavi AR, Dudaka Anusha, Mohsina Subair, Anandhi A, Sreenath G S, Jharna
Mandal, Vikram Kate

Departments of Surgery and Microbiology

Case reports:
5. Exserohilum rostratum causing Keratomycosis required Evisceration - a rare case report
Sushmita Sana Chowdhury, Pallam Gopichand, Amit Kumar Deb, Rakesh Singh
Departments of Microbiology and Ophthalmology
6. Paediatric pelvic crush injury with extensive degloving injury - A case report
Arshiya Aazmi, Archana Waganekar, Balamurugan N, Nandakishore Maroju, Shanmugam D, Sriram, Farhana, Rajnish
Departments of Emergency Medicine, Surgery, and Orthopaedics
PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN VENUE - Bernard theatre, Institute Block (only for this meeting).
Warm regards,
Dr. Madhusudhanan Ponnusamy,
Secretary, JSS