Second Monthly meet of JSS-August 18th, 2017

Greetings from JSS Executive,

The second monthly meeting of JIPMER Scientific Society 2017-18, will be held at

Superspeciality auditorium on 18th August afternoon at 2.45 PM. The programme consists of:

I) Original papers – 3 in number (8 minutes presentation followed by 3 minutes discussion. The papers selected are listed below

1.    Short term oral zinc supplementation among babies with neonatal sepsis for reducing mortality and improving outcome – a double-blind randomized controlled trial

Newton Banupriya, Ballambattu Vishnu Bhat, Bosco Dhas Benet, Christina Catherine, Magadi Gopalakrishna Sridhar, Subhash Chandra Parija

 Departments of Neonatology, Biochemistry and Microbiology

 2.    Cefepime versus Cefoperazone/Sulbactum in combination with Amikacin as empirical antibiotic therapy in cancer patients with febrile neutropenia

Ponraj M, Biswajit D, Kayal S, Harish B.N, Jogamya P, Ranjth K, Unni S, Naresh J, Jagdeep S, Esha, Kiran K

 Department of Medical Oncology and Department of Microbiology.

3.    Titres of ABO Antibodies in O Group Donors Attending the Blood Bank at a Tertiary Care Center in South India

Sujitha K, Rajendra G Kulkarni, Abhishekh B

Department of Transfusion Medicine

II) Case reports: 2 in number (5 minutes presentation with 2 minutes discussion)

1. Neuroacanthocytosis ((Levine-Critchley Syndrome)

Shahanaze J, A Hamide, Vinod KV, Vadivelan M

Department of Medicine


2. Unicorn- A rare case of malignant recurrent hemangioendothelioma of nose and frontal sinus

Subhashini PR, Arun Alexander, Sivaraman, Saxena, Hegde, Sathya Prabhu Department of ENT and Neurosurgery

III) The JSS Lead Talk is by Dr Siddaraju, Professor and Head, Dept of Pathology

“Strength and limitations of Cytology in Clinical practice”

IV) Medical Quiz by Dr Abhishek B