Research Workshops

Research workshops 2023-24

Second JIPMER Advanced Course in Research Methodology (JACRM), 02nd August 2023:

This program is jointly organised by Department of Medical Education and Research Division. Around 20 faculty have registered for this course. This includes three phases - Internal modules spanning across various topics like Research Methodology, Biostatistics, Ethics, Scientific writing, adult learning and teaching and Critical thinking, creativity and soft skills and External modules.

PhD Research Capacity building program was conducted for PhD Scholars of JIPMER of 2023 batch for a period of three months from August to September 2023. The program aimed at building the key research skills of the scholars in grant seeking, planning, conduct and publishing of their upcoming research work. The program consisted of five research related modules such as research methods, biostatistics, ethics, good clinical and laboratory practices, and grant writing. Each module had approximately 12-16 sessions and the emphasis was placed on equal representation of interactive sessions, online learning, assignments and self-reading in each module.

A number of capacity building programs were conducted last year as part of the efforts to strengthen research capabilities of Faculty and residents.

  1. Purchase procedures for extramural projects: 21st January 2023

This workshop was conducted jointly by the Division of Research and Purchase section to brief the faculty Principal Investigators regarding procurement of consumable and Non consumables through GeM and CPP Portal. Around 50 Faculty and PhD scholars attended the program which was conducted in the NTTC hall. All the sessions provided in the workshop were interactive it acted as a platform for the delegates to clarify their queries regarding procurement through Proprietary basis, Procurement of Equipment for various. The delegates were also guided by the resource persons, through the necessary pre-requisites, and documents for effective procurement of items and settling of purchased bills.

  1. How to write concept proposals on 7th January and 4th February 2023:

This workshop was planned as a two half day workshop with one month interval. Part I covered theoretical aspects of concept proposal writing and with examples of written concept proposals. Concept proposal submissions were invited from the participants and we received seven proposals from faculty of different departments. These were presented one by one and inputs were taken from resource persons. Many received suggestions to proceed beyond student level projects, to do piloting of educational videos, enquiring across other departments for availing research facilities, and briefly on budget tailoring. Around 25 faculty participated. Many felt it was good exercise to get feedback on how to improve their proposal.

  1. SFACTS training, 09th August, 2023 :

The Division of Research organised an orientation and training session on the SFACTS – Project Management Software for use by the Administrative Staff, Principal Investigators and Project Staff fraternity. This training took place for the whole day from 09:30 am to 05:00 pm on 09.08.2023 divided by two sessions – morning session for administrative staff and afternoon session for the PI and Project staff. Training on various modules on SFACTS like Grant, Payables, and Payroll was provided to the admin staff by the resource persons. Queries and doubts raised by the staff were addressed in the session regarding issues and compliance requirements. Discussions were made in various topics including raising Advance, Purchase Order, accounting for TDS on GST for Vendor Bills, GFR rules, Login Credentials for various users, taxation for project staff salary, arrears processing, Chart of Accounts, Interest Calculation, Backup of data etc.

  1. Workshop on “Data Analysis Using STATA”, September 5-6, 2023:

The workshop started with an open session by Dr. D M Thappa, Dean Research, JIPMER. A short introduction was given by Dr. Nishad Plakkal, Dr. Palanivel and Dr Subitha covering the objectives of the workshop, and the advantages of using STATA for data analysis. The workshop was interactive, with brief introductory lectures followed by demonstration sessions on STATA, followed by hands-on work by the participants on their own laptops. Over two days, the sessions gave participants hands-on experience in using STATA for cleaning, manipulating and analyzing data. The topics covered included STATA descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, data labeling, generating new variables from existing variables, commonly used statistical tests, and generating graphs. Regression models and diagnostic tests done in STATA were discussed. The workshop finished on time, and was followed by an open session for discussion and feedback. The closing comments were given by all faculty members and a vote of thanks was delivered by Dr Subitha.

  1. Human Bioethics, 8th September, 2023:

The National Workshop on Human Bioethics was organized by the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, JIPMER Puducherry in association with Department of Pharmacology and Division of Research held in JISPH Auditorium, JIPMER on 08.09.2023. A total of 63 delegates attended the workshop from various states from India. The participants included were clinicians & non clinical departments, staff nurse and students with background of allied medical science or basic medical life sciences involved in research

  1. Manuscript writing workshop, October 30th, 2023:

A Manuscript Writing Workshop was conducted by the Division of Research, JIPMER on October 20th 2023 at the Multipurpose Hall, in JISPH Building, JIPMER. The workshop was planned as a ‘hands-on’ workshop where participants would come with a manuscript plan (based on the work done in JIPMER), and the resource faculty would have one-to-one interactions to fine tune the paper and make it ready for submission to a journal. The overall objective was to enhance the capability of junior faculty and resident doctors in preparing high-quality manuscripts and also to increase the publication output from JIPMER. The workshop also aimed to reduce the gap between completed research and publications. Thirteen participants registered for the workshop.