Standard Operating Procedure

As per the order received from the Director’s office, to streamline the approval of proposals, the departments running MD/MS/DM/M.Ch are divided into four clusters as listed below.

  • Pre and Para clinical specialities
  • Medicine and allied specialities
  • Surgery and allied specialities
  • Super specialities

For Pre and Para clinical specialities, HOD of Microbiology will be the Coordinator. For Medicine and allied specialities, HOD of Medicine will be the Coordinator. For Surgery and allied specialities HOD of Surgery will be the coordinator. For Super specialities, HOD of Neurology will be the Coordinator.

Each cluster will have a Coordinator and three PGMRC members. To facilitate this, PGRMC Member-Secretary has designated one member of the three members of each cluster to be the PGMRC Group-Member facilitator. The PGMRC Group-Member facilitator will liaise with the Coordinator of the respective clusters.

Once the PGRMC office receives all the proposals, proposals of each cluster will be forwarded to PGRMC Group-Member facilitator of the respective cluster with the expected date of submission of minutes.

Function of the cluster: The members will go through the list of protocols submitted for each of the clusters designated to them and screen them for any major deficiency regarding format and scientific content and then submit the minutes to the Member Secretary, PGRMC within a week of receiving the proposals. As per the minutes, necessary instructions will be sent to the candidates for the changes to be made from the PGRMC Office and they will be asked to resubmit to PGMRC with changes within one working day. The resubmitted proposals will be taken up for the PGRMC meeting.

The PGRMC meeting dates will be finalised by the office of Dean Research. Once the meeting is held, minutes will be prepared and circulated. Final approval and issue of certificates will be after necessary corrections (if any) when done by the candidates.