Ph.D/Doctoral Research Monitoring Committee


JIPMER offers Ph.D. programme in various disciplines. The Ph.D / Doctoral Research Monitoring Committee is exclusively intended to monitor Ph.D. research projects at JIPMER.  Professor-in-charge and Head Research is the head of this committee. The committee will meet once in six months to critically evaluate the candidate’s progress. Upon recommendation of the Doctoral committee the candidate will be allowed to continue the Ph.D. project. In the event of an unfavorable recommendation, a review will be constituted and decision will be taken, if necessary. The members of Ph.D / Doctoral Research Monitoring Committee evaluate the Ph.D. programme in various departments of the Institute during its meeting and will assist the Professor-in-charge & Head, Research in resolving any issues that may occur in the implementation of the rules and regulations related to the respective programmes at JIPMER.


The major responsibilities of Ph.D / Doctoral Research Monitoring Committee are

  1. To approve the constitution of Doctoral Committees (DC) of each Ph.D. student suggested by the guides.
  2. To monitor the progress of Ph.D. research carried out by Ph.D. scholars by reviewing their reports of Doctoral Committee.
  3.  To review and approve the panel of internal and external examiners suggested by DC for valuation of Synopsis and Thesis of Ph.D. students.
  4.  To ensure timely conduction of Pre-Ph.D. examination to be convened by respective guides.
  5. To facilitate the completion of research projects by providing suitable ambience in the Institute as well as outside the Institute to carry part of their work if need arises provided this is mentioned and approved in their study protocol by the Doctoral Committee.
  6. To facilitate presentation of their scholarly work in the proper scientific forum, workshops, conferences, etc.
  7. To create awareness regarding research methodology, ethical issues, biosafety practices, funding opportunities and other supporting information to pursue their Ph.D.
  8. To promote ethical, scientific and professional standards.
  9.  To facilitate publication of their scholarly work in Professional journals of high impact and to promote their writing acumen.


The Ph.D / Doctoral Research Monitoring Committeeis newly formulated and the members of the committee are:

1 Dr. B.Vishnu Bhat Dean (Research) Chairperson
2 Dr. D.M. Thappa Faculty (Research) Member
3 Dr. R.P. Swaminathan Professor & Head, Medicine Member
4 Dr. Nandini Pandit Addl. Professor & Head, Nuclear Medicine Member
5 Dr. Vikram Kate Professor & Head, Surgery Member
6 Dr. Sunil K. Narayan Professor & Head, Neurology Member
7 Dr. Renuka Srinivasan Professor & Head, Ophthalmology Member
8 Dr. Zachariah Bobby Professor  & Head, Biochemistry Member
9 Dr. Sreejith Parameswaran Associate Professor, Nephrology Member
10 Dr.Jharna Mandal Associate Professor, Microbiology Member secretary