Jipmer Scientific Advisory Committee (JSAC)


Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) has been promoting research activities in medical sciences since its inception .With up gradation of JIPMER as an “Institution of National Importance” and consequent increase in faculty members and postgraduate and postdoctoral students and increased availability of funds there has been a significant and continuing increase in research activity at all levels. The JIPMER Scientific Advisory Committee (JSAC) was constituted in 2009 by inclusion of external experts to replace the JIPMER Institute Research Council. The purpose of JIPMER Scientific Advisory Committee (JSAC) is to increase the quality of research which is undertaken in JIPMER.


The research proposals generated at JIPMER need to have the approval of a scientific committee before being submitted for an ethics committee for consideration. Under this process JIPMER Scientific Advisory Committee (JSAC) will perform mainly the function of consideration of research proposals of JIPMER faculty for quality improvement and approval. After the approval the proposals will be referred to JIPMER Ethics Committee for consideration. In addition to research proposals of JIPMER faculty, JSAC may also consider non-dissertation and non thesis research proposals of JIPMER senior and junior residents and research proposals of JIPMER College of Nursing faculty and PhD research proposals requiring extramural funding.



SL.NO. Committee Members Position
1 Director Chairperson
2 Dean (Research) Vice-Chairperson
3 Dr. Sriram Krishnamurthy, Additional Professor, Paediatrics Member
4 Dr. Niranjan Biswal, Professor (Senior Scale), Paediatrics Member
5 Dr. Vikram Kate, Professor (Senior Scale), Surgery Member
6 Dr. Pradeep Pankajakshan Nair, Additional Professor, Neurology Member
7 Dr. Laxmisha Chandrashekhar, Additional Professor, Dermatology Member
8 Dr. S. Sujatha, Professor, Microbiology Member
9 Dr. Sharbari Basu, Professor, Biochemistry Member
10 Head of the Dept. of Biostatistics or his nominee Member 
11 Dr. Raja Jaisundar Selvaraj, Additional Professor, Cardiology Member
12 Dr. Satyen Parida, Additional Professor, Anesthesiology Member
13 Dr. Moushumi Purkayastha Mukherjee, Professor, Psychiatry Member
14 Dr. N. Harivenkatesh, Assistant Professor, Pharmacology Member
15 Dr. Sonali Sarkar, Additional Professor& Head, PSM Member Secretary
16 Dr. C. Palanivel, Associate Professor, PSM Joint Secretary
17 Dr. R. Jayalakshmy, Associate Professor, PSM Joint Secretary