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Operationalization of revised/new object heads under Rule 8 of DFPR 1978 Circular: Download Now
  1. Annexure-I - Details of Revised with Object Heads: Download Now
  2. Annexure-II - Details of Head with Description: Download Now
  3. Sanction order Format - PDF  Download Now | Word  Download Now
Revised Pro Forma For Reimbursement Of Telephone Bills From January 2024 Reimbursement Of Telephone Bills Format Download PDF
Guidelines to process and permit the requests of faculty for attending international workshops as participant/ delegate/trainee with requisite format. Guidelines for permitting faculty members to attend international workshop as participation/delegate/trainee (not as a resource person or for paper presentation) with JIPMER funding (in lieu of an international Conference) Requisite Format Download PDF
eOffice : User Manual Download
Requisite Documents to be submitted while applying for International Conference/ Symposia / Seminar etc This Access using JIPMER.AC.IN Email Download
eOffice : User Manual Download
Guidelines for faculty to attend variant training program Guidelines for deputation of faculty members for varian Training Program - National & International, towards credentialing in the use of Single Energy (6MV) Medical Linear Accelerator Download
CONVEYANCE ALLOWANCE FORM Access only JIPMER faculty medical and nonmedical and GDMO, SMO Download
Submission of Form for copying images into CD or uploading to JIPMER PACS Request form for copying images from / uploading outside images to PACS - DEPARTMENT OF RADIO-DIAGNOSIS  Download Request form
Reimbursement of TA/DA
Title Download
1. General TA / DA Rules Eligibility   Download
2. Time Limit for Submission of TADA & Delegation Fee Claim   Download
3. Instructions for claiming Road Mileage Download
4. Instructions regarding Booking of Air Tickets Download
5. Reimbursement of Hotel Charges and Grant of DA- International Travel Download

1. TA DA Form: Download PDF / Download Word
2. Annexure-I: Download PDF / Download Word
3. External Experts (Honorarium TA Form) : Download PDF / Download Word

Reimbursement of Telephone Bills Reimbursement of Telephone Bills: Revised Guideline Circular Reimbursement Form : Download Pdf | Form Download Word
Reimbursement of Newspaper
  1. Reimbursement of Newspaper to the officer (Below Level 12) Circular
  2. Reimbursement of Newspaper to the officer (Level 12 & above) Circular
Reimbursement Form:Download Pdf | Form Download Word
Reimbursement of LTC 1. Procedure to be Observed: Download Form
2. Booking of Air tickets: Download Form
1. Intimation Form (Before Journey): Download Pdf | Download Word

2. Advance Form: Download Pdf | Download Word

3. Claim Form (After Journey): Download Pdf | Download Word

AIR TICKETS BOOKING OFFICE (it is only applicable for JIPMER Members) Mr. S. Balamurugan
Phone: +91 98949 23700
Utilization Certificate for Narcotic Drugs Controlled Drugs (Access Only inside JIPMER ) Download Now !
Permission for going abroad     Abroad Proforma (Modified Version) Download Now
Submission of Immovable Property Return  Immovable Property Return Download Now
Permission for applying New Passport/Renewal of passport/Passport for Minor children  Forms for applying new /renewal of passport/passport for minor children Download Now
Permission for Construction of House  Form for Permission to construct a House Download Now
Prior Intimation Form for purchase of Movable and Immovable Property Movable and Immovable Property Purchase form. Kindly attach the Immovable Property Return Form as on date , duly forwarded from your office . Download from
JIPMER Grammarly Access (Access Only JIPMER Members ) Register
Plagiarism Checking : Instructions For Submission, Online Entry Of Candidate Details, Proforma For Submission And Declaration Forms (Access Only JIPMER Members ) Read More
Registration for MyLOFT - JIPMER Library Member Enrolment Form Registration for MyLOFT can be done only using the official JIPMER email ID Register
Bilingual Forms (LEAVE FORMS) (it is only applicable for JIPMER Members) View forms
Revised: Application Format Child Care Leave (CCL) Child Care Leave (CCL) View More
Leave application for JR (NPG) JR (NPG) Download Now
RedCAP web application for building and managing online surveys and database Access Now
Guidelines for attending various scientific conferences and other assignments in India and Abroad for faculty. Guidelines Form Download from
Conference PERMISSION FORM for online activities Online Activities Form Download from
Conference PERMISSION FORMS for activities related to DIRECT VISITS With Funding/Without Funding Download from
List of Costly Equipment List Of Costly Equipment (Updated On 18-12-2019) Download
Training Video Oxygen Therapy , COVID-19 by Department of Anaesthesiology & Critical Care
Video Link
  1. Conserve Medical Oxygen
  2. High Flow Nasal Oxygen Therapy
  3. Respiratory Assessment
  4. Simple Oxygen Delivery Devices
  5. Non Invasive Ventilation