Hospital Fees & Charges

Hospital fees and charges

General patients:

No charges are levied for outpatient or inpatient investigations and treatment for patients with monthly income less than Rs. 2500.

Cancer patients :

All cancer therapy will be free irrespective of income.

Dental patients:

Dental charges will be levied for all OPD patients irrespective of income.

Special ward patients:

Patients in special wards will be charged for radiological examination, other investigations and clinical procedures as per the listed charges ‘A’ and ‘B’ class special ward patients will pay full charges, while patients in ‘C’ class wards will pay 50% of the charges.

 For Students, C.H.S. and Junior Residents:

Students of JIPMER  and Compulsory House Surgeons will be eligible for class C  accommodation and no charges (including diet) would be made. Junior Residents will be entitled to free treatment in ‘C’ except diet charges.

For Staff and Senior Residents:

No charges will be made to the staff of JIPMER including Senior Residents and their families as per C.S. (M.A.) Rules, 1944 as amended from the time.

Those covered under CGHS/Serving defence personnel including NCC be eligible for free treatment except diet.

For Retired Employees of JIPMER:

JIPMER Employees/their spouse shall be entitled for the same facilities medical care, after retirement, to which they were entitled to during service.

For Freedom Fighters:

Freedom fighters of central pensioner and their dependents are eligible for the same facilities applicable to Group ‘A’ Officers.

Green Card Holders:

Green Card holders under the Family Planning  Programme  are eligible for free treatment in ‘C’ class beds.

Eligibility for special wards:

Any person willing to pay the charges can be admitted in the special ward.

For Government servants -

Institute staff and other Government servants are entitled for admission to the various categories as follows -

            ‘C’ Ward – Basic pay from Rs.2550/- to Rs.5499/-

            ‘B’ Ward – Basic pay from Rs.5500/- to Rs.7999/-

            ‘A ‘Ward – Basic pay from Rs.8000/- and above

 Special ward charges:

 * Medicine/Investigation/Operation/Delivery Charges Extra

Charges for Half-a-Day – Charges for half-a-day would be levied to the patients admitted after 12.00 Noon and discharges made before 12.00 Noon.


  1. Higher class of accommodation shall be provided if the entitled class of accommodation is not available and the admission is certified as URGENT by the Medical Superintendent/Deputy Medical Superintendent, temporarily till entitled class of bed becomes available. In all other cases where the staff/student opt for higher type of accommodation than their entitlement ,shall pay the difference of charges for operation, investigation, accommodation, etc., as admissible for that particular type of bed from the date of admission to higher class.
  2. Normally change of class of bed is not permissible. If change is desired from a lower to higher class, the patients shall have to pay all the charges admissible to higher class (except room rent for the period in lower class) from the date of admission.


If, due to any technical or procedural errors and unavoidable circumstances, the same kind of tests or diagnosis and surgical procedures are to be repeated, in order to arrive at a correct diagnosis, that particular examination will not be charged from the patient. The medical officers will specify these type  of instances on the top of the requisition/paying-in-card.

Medical Superintendent in consultation with concerned surgeons may make suitable modifications in the list of operation charges if any new surgical procedure is to be added or it is felt that the charges for any operation on the higher or lower side. The same shall apply to charges for investigations also.

All medicines will be purchased by the Special Ward patients. However, the medicines may be given for the first 24 hours against payments during which period the patients will make arrangement to buy them. Only in exception circumstances and in case of emergency of non-availability of particular drugs in the open market, the medicines may be continuously given against payment with the permission of Medical Superintendent.

 Cost of medicines supplied by the hospital will be collected in full as and when administered. The charges will be fixed by the pharmacy at the time of discharge of the patients depending upon the prevailing market rate.

For General Ward patients, all medicines will be supplied free. But if some medicines are not stocked in the hospital the patients will have to make their own arrangements for the same.

The Medical Superintendent may, for special reasons (Academic, Research and other reasons), can reduce or waive all collections of any fees, investigation or otherwise provided the total amount thus waived does not exceed Rs. 30000/- in a financial year. A quarterly statement of such remissions shall be entered in a separate register and sent to the Ministry/Pay and Account Office, Puducherry for information.