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Research, Awards and Publications:
Research work with the focus to improve interventions provided to our children is regular part of our work. Some of our interventional work has won awards at state and zonal level. We have also published some articles on autism,
ADHD, specific learning disability, anxiety disorder and affective disorders. A few are listed below.
"Efficacy of brief parent-mediated Interventions for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder - a randomised control trial " was awarded Prof Dr. V. Balan award forBest Research paper by postgraduate student in the state conference, TANPSYCON-2016 .It also received Prof Dr. D.S Raju Award for best paper in the south zone conference, IPSOCON-2016.
Authors: Hasrhini Manohar , Preeti Kandasamy, Ravi Philip Rajkumar, Venkatesh Chandrashekaran.
The team also conducted the “Regional workshop on tools for diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder ” on August 19th 2017 at JIPMER, partially sponsored by Medical council of India grant. We have uploaded the manual on diagnostic tools on this webpage as reference for professionals.

Manohar H, Pravalika M, Kandasamy P, Chandrasekaran V, Rajkumar RP. Role of exclusive breastfeeding in conferring protection in children at-risk for autism spectrum disorder: results from a sibling case & dash;control study. Journal of Neuroscience in rural practice. 2018; 9:132-6.

Manohar H, Kuppili PP, Kandasamy P, Chandrasekaran V, Rajkumar RP.
Implications of comorbid ADHD in ASD interventions and outcome: Results from a naturalistic follow up study from south India. Asian J Psychiatry. 2018; 33:

Harshini M and Preeti K. Autism Behavioural Interventional Research in low ‐ resource settings: Overcoming prevailing challenges ­ an Asian perspective.

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Manohar H, Subramanian K, Kandasamy P, Penchilaiya V, Arun A. Diagnostic masking and overshadowing in Intellectual disability- How structure devaluation helps. Journal of child and adolescent psychiatric nursing, 2016;29: 171-6.

Madavapuri P, Subramanian K, Kandasamy P. Severe caregiver distressprecipitating dissociative seizures in a patient with Inteleectual disability andepilepsy: diagnostic and therapeutic hardships. 2016;3:113-5.

Preeti Kandasamy, Shoba Srinath. Anxiety Disorders. In. Gupta P, Menon PSN,Ramji S, Lodha R (Eds). Postgraduate textbook of Paediatrics. 2nd ed. 2018: 935-7.

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