Admission Procedure

Patient get admitted to the ward as In-Patient by the treating doctor upon issuing admission order slip along with their Out-Patient records are sent to the Admission Room which is functioning round the clock, under the control of M.R.D. In the admission room, every patient will be assigned automatic In-Patient / M.R.D. number generated in the HIMS processed by the admission clerk for maintaining the In-Patient records. Patient particulars are captured initially while making a fresh case sheet for generating Unique Hospital Number to be used lifelong, and during each admission, same Patient Particular Slip is requested to be filled for updating the data in the HIMS. Self – Declared Income declaration is to be filled and signed by the patient or by their patient attender for processing admission. The data collected by the above said forms are entered in HIMS software. The Admission Record (I.P. Front Page) printout and the same data printed on backside of the admission order are delivered to the patient along with the set of forms such as Case Summary, History & Physical Examination record which are to be filled up by the doctors. Patient Identity Wristband Tags and Visitors Pass are issued to them. Then they are directed to the concerned ward for further treatment.

Forms need to be filled at the time of Admission:

  1. Patient Particular Slip
  2. Income Declaration Form