Dr.Ramkumar S

Dr. Ramkumar .S
Associate Professor
Medical Registration number: 
Tamilnadu medical council 82578
OPD Timing: 
9 AM to 2 PM; Tuesday and Thursday
Academic Qualifications: 


Special Area of Interest: 
Movement disorders, Headache, Epilepsy
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  15. A Case of Megaloblastic Pancytopenia With Normal Mean Cell Volume – Case Report, published in e journal, the official journal of the Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University
  16. A study on clinical evaluation of headache in adult epileptic patients – a cross sectional descriptive study – Original article, published in e journal, the official journal of the Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University

Conference Presentations:

  1. Neuroacanthocytosis- case series (3 new families) from tamilian population with homozygous novel vps13a mutations: an experience from tertiary referral center in south india – First prize paper for the IAN - A. V. Srinivasan – Deepak Arjundas Award for Neurogenetics in Indian Academy of Neurology Conference 2023
  2. Iatrogenic breathing arm syndrome - Platform presentation in Tamilnadu and Pondicherry association of neurologists conference 2023
  3. Caregiver’s burden of Parkinson’s disease in India: A cross-sectional observational study – Award paper presentation in Indian Academy of Neurology Conference 2021
  4. A study on public awareness of risk factors for stroke and history of transient ischemic attacks in middle Cerebral artery ischemic stroke patients – Poster presentation in Indian Academy of Neurology Conference 2016
  5. A study on correlation between radiological severity and functional outcome in middle cerebral artery Ischemic stroke patients – Poster in 10 th world stroke congress, Hyderabad, India
  6. A study on clinical profile of headache in young women – Original article, Platform presentation in Indian Academy of Neurology Conference 2015.


  1. Annals of indian academy of neurology
  2. BMJ case reports.
  3. SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
  4. Annals of medicine
  5. Journal of the Indian Academy of Geriatrics
  6. Therapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorders
Positions Held: 

 Memberships and administrative duties:

  • Member Indian Society for Sleep Research
  • Member of Ataxia Global Initiative
  • Member of international Parkinson and movement disorder society
  • Member of International Headache Society
  • Member of Indian academy of neurology
  • Member of Indian Epilepsy Association
  • Member of Indian Medical Association
  • Member of Pondicherry Association of Neuroscientists (PANS)
  • Member of Tamilnadu & Pondicherry Association of Neurologists (TAN)
  • Member of JIPMER scientific society
  • Member – interdepartmental PGRMC committee
  • Member of JIPMER Brain Death Committee
  • Member condemnation committee for College of Nursing, RCC All Ward & OPD
  • Departmental member of JIPMER Quality Council
  • Departmental fire and safety officer, JIPMER
  • Departmental GeM purchasing officer.
  • Departmental nodal officer for JIPMER web content
  • Departmental nodal officer for CMCHIS.
Special Clinics: 

Tuesday (Stroke Clinic) and Thursday (Neurodegenerative diseases and General Neurology) clinic