Dr. Saranya B Gomathy

Dr. Saranya B Gomathy
Assistant Professor
Medical Registration number: 
TCMC 59955
OPD Timing: 
9AM to 2 PM, Tuesday and Thursday
Academic Qualifications: 

MD DM DrNB (Neurology)

Special Area of Interest: 
Neuromuscular disorders, Neuroimmunology, Stroke, Research methodology
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Textbook chapters

  1. Saranya B Gomathy, Venugopalan Y Vishnu. Management of Myasthenia Gravis-Selected Reviews-Advances in Neurotherapeutics Practice Pearls
  2. Asish Vijayaraghavan, Saranya B Gomathy, Ramshekhar N Menon. Spectrum of MCI subtypes and outcome predictors- Reviews in Neurology 2024 (Accepted for publication)
Positions Held: 

Assistant Professor of Neurology at Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (3 rd March 2023-5 th January 2024)
Professional memberships

  1. Life Member, Indian Academy of Neurology (LM-2159) and Neuromuscular
    subsection of the IAN
  2. Life Member, Indian Epilepsy Society (LM-717)
  3. Member of the Delhi Neurology Association