Dr. Haritha Sagili

Dr. Haritha Sagili
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
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OPD Timing: 
Thursday (9 am -2pm).
Academic Qualifications: 

European University Diploma in Operative Gynaecological Endoscopy

Special Area of Interest: 
Endocrinology (GDM, PCOS, Thyroid), Infections, Induction of labour, Family planning
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          Positions Held: 
          • Head of Unit: OG4
          • Member-Gender affirmation group / Medical board MTP
          • Liaison for Infection Control, WCH; Antibiotic stewardship team
          • POCSO coordinato
          • Convenor, Prize and memento committee
          • Associate editor, IJAMHR
          • Coordinator –EMTC OG module 
          • Department Faculty for PDF course in Obstetric medicine
          • Regional Faculty. CCGDM PHFI
          • Trainer CaC
          Special Clinics: 

          Endocrinology clinic