Research & Services

Completed Project:

ICMR STS Project (2017): Snehapriya (2016batch) and Dr.D.Jeyakumari. Assessment of bacteriological quality of portable water in and around Karaikal region of Puducherry state.

ICMR STS Project (2017):  SaiTeja (2016 batch) and Dr.S.R.Swarna. Study on intestinal parasitic infections among school children in Karaikal.

Ongoing project:

ICMR STS Project (2020): Anuttar B Khade (2018 batch) and Dr D Jeyakumari. Study on Knowledge, attitude, and practices of needle stick injuries among health care workers of secondary care hospital.

Accepted Proposal:

Estimation of seroprevalence of SARS-CoV2 in the community at Karaikal, Puducherry. Intramural, Funded, ongoing project. Principal Investigator: Dr Sushmita Sana Chowdury, Senior Resident and Co Investigators: Dr D Jeyakumari, Professor of Microbiology & Dr Preetam Mahajan, Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine


  1. Human nasal rhinosporidiosis - A case report. Swarna S. R, Stalin Sivagurunathan, Bharathi T, Balamurugan M, Jeyakumari D
  2. Swarna S.R., Stalin.S., Bharathi.T., Mohan Kumar A, Lavanya M, Jeyakumari D. Diphtheria in adult – A case report. Indian Journal of case reports. 2020 March.
  3. Swarna SR, Kavya R, Balaji VK, Mohanam L, Jeyakumari D. Team Based revision in competitive manner among medical under graduate for active learning in Microbiology- 0A pilot study. 2020, JMSCR 2020; 8(6): 94-9


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