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Anatomy deals with the structure of the human body that remains as the backbone of various disciplines in the field of medicine. The Department of Anatomy in JIPMER Karaikal was established in 2016. The Department of Anatomy caters to the need of fifty I year MBBS students with a well-equipped, air-conditioned dissection hall and histology lab. The dissection learning is ensured with an adequate number of cadavers and a good collection of dissected Specimens, dry bone sets and X-rays. The department houses the cold storage facility where 8 cadavers can be stored at a time in addition to the ordinary storage tank. The histology lab is resourced with binocular microscopes for every individual student and the learning is enhanced by the use of Magvision software for a virtual demonstration of microscopic slides. More than 300 embryology models are available for the teaching the students. The department has proficient and diligent faculty who have attended faculty development programs pertaining to teaching-learning and evaluation and also research methodologies. Our vision is to provide a strong foundation for the new entrants, train them at the highest educational standards and also groom the students to inculcate good research interest.


The various disciplines under the subject of Anatomy are

Gross Anatomy - Deals with the macroscopic structure of the different parts of the body.

Histology – Deals with microanatomy of tissues & organ systems correlating between the structure & function.

Embryology – Deals with prenatal development of the embryo as well as focuses on congenital disorders.

Human Genetics - Deals with the study of genes, genetic variation, and heredity in humans.

Clinical correlation is done appropriately with respect to all the disciplines, so the student is able to apply the anatomical knowledge into the clinical practice. The department trains the students in all the branches of Human Anatomy using traditional and innovative methods. Apart from regular classes intradepartmental quizzes, seminars and symposiums are regularly conducted that ensures student-centred learning and kindles the organizational and administrative skills in the students as well. Besides this, periodical integrated teaching programs and guest lectures are also organized for the welfare of the students.


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Dr Saranya .R.



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Dr.Vidya .G.



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