• No accommodation for the parents
  • Self- cooking is strictly prohibited inside the hotel campus
  • Students should inform the warden in writing when they leave karaikal and go out to meet parents/guardians also should enter the place, date time in the outgoing register regularly.
  • Students are strictly instructed not to throw waste materials through their window inorder to maintain the cleanliness of the JIPMER hostel complex
  • Kindly use dustbins
  • Strictly male parents/visitors are not allowed to enter in to the girls hostel
  • No parents are allowed to stay at night inside the hostel complex
  • After 9 PM nobody is allowed to go out without permission of the hostel wardens
  • Students are advised not to take away the mess utensils to their respective rooms. If so the students are solely responsible for the purchase of a new one.
  • Students should submit their leave letter while leaving the campus and should inform after returning.
  • Mess is mandatory for all the students
  • Mess fee should be paid on or before 10th of every month
  • Students have to bring their mess id card along with them while paying their fee (for making an entry every month)
  • Students without,mess card/ payment receipt will not be allowed inside the mess.
  • Room cleaning will be done only on sundays
  • Regarding mess reduction, students should submit application in hostel office duly signed by both the wardens three days prior to their absence in the mess
  • Mess reduction shall be entertained only when the student is absent from the hostel
  • Without proper and prior intimation to the hostel office mess reduction application will not be entertained.
  • Mess reduction will be considered only once in a month (per student)
  • Mess reduction is applicable more than 4 days up to max 15 days (per student)
  • Mess amount will vary depending on the menu, reduction will be adjusted by next month.
  • Group study is NOT allowed after 10 pm
  • Celebrations without prior intimation are not entertained with time concern of 12’0 clock
  • Students making online payment also should submit their online payments receipt on or before 10th of every month
  • Loud music is strictly prohibited inside the hostel campus.
  • Electricity bill for the rooms above Rs. 500 should be paid by the respective students.
  • Strictly males are not allowed inside girl’s hostel
  • Strict action will be taken if anyone is not obeying the hostel rules.
  • Students can make the payments through online

Link for Online payment: :

Or open JIPMER website, click on online payments, proceed and select JIPMER KARAIKAL MESS FEE.

Last Updated :22-Dec-2020