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JIPMER offers organ and tissue transplantation services, including Kidney, liver (organs), cornea and hands (tissues) and is in the process of starting a heart transplantation program. In addition to living donor transplantation, JIPMER is having a deceased donor organ procurement program. So far multi-organ retrieval has been performed from 48 deceased donors and organs like kidneys, liver, heart and lungs and tissues like hands, cornea and heart valves were transplanted to deserving patients. Organs like heart and lungs, which are not utilized at JIPMER are shared with neighboring states like Tamil Nadu and Telangana for transplantation.

Save lives by pledging your organs!

“The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation” – Peter Marshall

There are a large number of patients who die every year from diseases like kidney failure, liver failure, heart failure and blood cancer who could have survived to lead a productive life if they had a donor to donate organs to them. For a large number of these patients, organs from near relatives are not available for various reasons and the only option for them is to receive organs from a deceased donor. However deceased donor transplantation is still uncommon in India and occurs once in a while. Organ donation can save lives and we thank you for taking interest in this issue. You can do your bit by pledging your organs for transplantation, in case you face any untoward incident in life.

Now JIPMER offers you the option of formally pledging your organ(s) and you will be issued a ‘Donor Card’ once you pledge your organs.

The donor card offers you the opportunity to document your wish to donate your organs.

Steps for pledging your organs and obtaining a donor card from JIPMER:

  1. Know about organ donation and discuss with your family members. Taking family members into confidence is very important. The reason why this is important is that in case of an emergency or an untoward incident, your family will be the first to be contacted. Only after seeking their permission can the doctors go ahead with retrieving your organs. If your family is aware of your decision, your wishes will be carried out the way you would have liked. If the family is not aware and does not agree with your wish organ donation cannot happen.
  2. The organ pledge form is available with JIPMER Transplant coordinator – room number 5342, Department of Nephrology, IP Block, SS Block, JIPMER during working hours
  3. Fill the form in triplicate (3 copies are needed), sign it and submit it to the JIPMER transplant coordinator. For further details please contact 7867086341
  4. You will be issued a ‘Donor Card’ from JIPMER
  5. You should carry the ‘Donor Card’ with you always. It will have the contact number in case you meet with an emergency and will have your blood group.
Last Updated :06-Jan-2023