General duties and responsibilities of Security Personnel posted in Hospital Zone, Patients Zone and other areas (these duties and responsibilities includes in the above stated specific duties also)

(i) To restrict the entry of visitors, stop pilferage, take rounds of wards and send away unwanted persons.

(ii) To restrict the entry of unwanted persons, or any persons under the influence of alcohol.

(iii) To allow entry only to persons possessing valid passes and authorized identity cards. JIPMER staff & doctors can be stopped, in case of any doubt, and their ID cards checked.

(iv) To control the crowd.

(v) To make queues of patients/ attendants in the JIPMER premises, wherever required.

(vi) To allow other persons working in the premises, such as DRLs, housekeeping service personnel & lift operator, only if in uniform.

(vii) To help in shifting & transferring the sick patients inside the casualty.

(viii) To screen and remove any anti-social elements.

(ix) To maintain Law and order.

(x) To register the entry of staff, faculty, students, Doctors etc., if required, in the prescribed register.

(xi) To prohibit unauthorized persons entry.

(xii) To lodge a complaint with concerned police station for any unlawful activity in consultation with JIPMER authorities.

(xiii) To maintenance of registers related to providing security service as prescribed by respective Officers in-charge.

(xiv) To obtain satisfactory certification from the Officers in-charge of each area where the Security Personnel is deployed.

(xv) To attend to any other duty and responsibility assigned by the Officers-in-Charge of Guest House, auditorium, community hall and hostels or of other areas of deployment of the Security Personnel from time to time.

(xvi) To operate security and CCTV control room.

(xvii) To undertake any other security related works as assigned from time to time by JIPMER.

Last Updated: 14 March2022

Last Updated :14-Mar-2022