JIPMER has outsourced housekeeping services. It is the prime function of the sanitary unit to closely monitor, supervise and guide the outsourced agency. Around 1280 health care workers and 22 supervisors and 2 chief supervisors are deployed throughout the hospital and campus area for housekeeping service.

The following activities are being carried out by the sanitary unit

  1. Fogging in OTs, MOTs and other high risk areas.
  2. Pest Control Services
  3. Monitoring Water Sanitation
  4. Solid Waste Management:

      Solid Waste Management rules has been implemented in residential areas. As per the SWM rules, the wastes are being collected at door steps of each house which consist of wet, dry and hazardous wastes through door to door garbage collection team and being carried over to segregation yard. Dry wastes like tyre, plastic, themocol, etc are recycled. The sanitary napkins are being collected separately and disposed safely as per the BMWM rules. Dried leaves are being collected separately and handed over to horticulture department for preparing manure.

      Last Updated :20-Mar-2023