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The Department of Radiation Oncology (previously Radiotherapy) is the branch of medicine and a broad speciality that deals with the non-surgical management of cancers primarily comprising of solid tumors, using therapeutic radiation like X-rays, ℽ-rays, protons etc., anti-cancer systemic therapy like chemotherapy, hormones, molecular targeted therapies, immunotherapies etc., and supportive cancer care. We offer services to effectively evaluate, diagnose, test and treat cancer patients compassionately with the best possible evidence-based care while striving towards producing advancements in the science of oncology. The workforce ranging from consultants, senior and junior residents to physicists and radiotherapy technologists besides the nursing team work together to achieve all these objectives. We collaborate with other departments like Otorhinolaryngology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Surgery, Surgical Oncology etc. in multi-disciplinary cancer clinics where combined treatment decision making is performed to generate patient-specific treatment plans based on the current clinical practice and research evidence available.

We conduct didactic classes and journal clubs regularly for residents and graduate students as part of the educational courses run by the department. The consultants and the residents attend OPD and special follow-up clinics focussing on the clinical management of cancer patients. The department provides its residents required skills for efficient pre-treatment clinical evaluation, imaging, planning and delivery of varied techniques of teletherapy/brachytherapy, for prescribing and administering chemotherapy /other anti-cancer systemic drug therapy including supportive drugs, for managing acute and late toxicities of treatment and for adequate palliative care delivery, over a three-year duration with a regular multi-dimensional assessment of the resident.

Last Updated :12-Oct-2022