Out-patient Services:

OPD Number  :74, Ground Floor, OPD Block

Monday to Saturday, 8.30 to 1 p.m.

Phone number: 0413-2296090

In-patient services:

Ward Number 18, Ground Floor, Hospital Block

Phone number: 0413-2296718

Department Office

Near Ward No. 18, Ground Floor, Hospital Block

Phone number: 0413 – 2296265  

Head of Department:

Name/designation Telephone number Official Email ID
Dr. Shivanand Kattimani, Professor of Psychiatry 0413-2296266 drshivanand[at]gmail[dot]com

Office Contact Details (Personal Secretary / Sonography):

Name/designation Telephone number Official Email ID
Mr Karpagakumar 0413-2296265 psychiatrypa[at]gmail[dot]com

Faculty Contact :

Dr. Moushumi P Mukherjee

  • Professor of Department Consultant in-charge
  • Community outreach services

e-mail: moushumipm[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Ravi Philip Rajkumar

  • Professor Consultant in-charge, Marital
  • Psychosexual Clinic Consultant in-charge
  • Memory Clinic

e-mail: ravi[dot]psych[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Shivanand Kattimani

  • Professor and Head Consultant in-charge
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic

e-mail: drshivanand[at]gmail[dot]com 

Dr. Vikas Menon

  • Professor Consultant in-charge
  • Psychosomatic Clinic Consultant in-charge
  • Crisis Intervention Clinic

e-mail: drvmenon[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Balaji Bharadwaj

  • Additional Professor Consultant in-charge
  • Peripartum Psychiatry Clinic Consultant in-charge/li>
  • Deaddiction Clinic & ADAPT Clinic /li>
  • Consultant in-charge, Consultation-Liasion Services

e-mail: balaji[at]jipmer[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. Ragul Ganesh R

  • Assistant Professor

Email: ragulganesh[dot]r[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Ankita Chattopadhyay

  • Assistant Professor

e-mail: chattopadhyayankita[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Natarajan V

  • Assistant Professor

e-mail: natarajanv1158[at]gmail[dot]com

Last Updated :03-May-2024