General Info

Printing and Stationery

Administrative Info:

The productivity shop-floor and stationery wing is located at the rear of the Administrative Block is generally co-ordinated and controlled by Manager Press. In the absence of the Manager this Department is looked after by a designated Officer-in-charge.

Background Information

The Department of Printing and Stationery was started in the year 1967.  The main task of this productivity unit is to print and supply of various forms for smooth function of the Institute and Hospital in connection with patient care services.

Services Provided:

Nearly 200 different types of patient care forms are being printed. Medical Records Department is the main consumer of these forms by utilizing single colour Offset and Digital printing method. For the other departments/sections also the printing materials are supplied as per their requirement. Approximately one crore hospital forms are being printed and supplied to this Institute annually. Other than printed forms, all register works and binding works are also supplied by the binding unit of this Department.  Every year this department is playing a major role in printing of Annual Report, Research Day Souvenir, Convocation, etc. This Department plays a major role in procuring and distributing the stationery items like Paper, Registers, Case Sheet Folders and other miscellaneous items to OPD’s, Wards, OTs, Departments and Administrative sections of this institute.

Last Updated :19-Sep-2022