Dr. NAVIN KUMAR, Head of department is co-guide for following dissertations:

  • MS Orthopedics
    • Role of modified rehabilitation protocol in preventing coracoid graft osteolysis following Latarjet procedure – A Prospective observational study
  • MCh Surgical Oncology
    • Effect of structured combination programme of prophylactic compression sleeve along with lymphedema education and specialized post-operative exercise rehabilitation on post-axillary dissection short term lymphedema among patients undergoing surgery for breast cancer-A Randomized Controlled Trial.
  • MS Orthopedics
    • “Assessment of QoL, Functional independence and community integration among the patients with paraplegia due to SCI”
  • MD Pediatrics
    • Prevalence of chronic hemophilic arthropathy in children with hemophilia A treated in a tertiary care institute in south India- A cohort study
  • MD Anaesthesia
    • Comparison of Clinical efficacy of Ultrasound guided Selective Nerve Root Block versus Ultrasound guided Retro-Laminar Cervical block in Patients with Cervical radiculopathy – A Randomised control trial
  • MPH (PSM Dept)
    • Effectiveness of Elders Social Network in Motivating Peer Elders in seeking Physiotherapy Services in a selected Primary Health Centre, Puducherry, India – A Parallel Arm Quasi-Experimental Design
  • MSc Nursing (Medical Surgical Nursing)
    • Effectiveness of intradialytic exercise on, Quality of life, functional ability and prevalence of intradialytic hypotension among patients undergoing hemodialysis at a tertiary care hospital : a randomized controlled trial.
  • MD Anaesthesia (completed June 2023)
    • “Comparison of the analgesic efficacy of intra-articular steroid injections and combination therapy with supra-scapular nerve block in adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder joint”
  • MS Orthopedics (Completed Jun 2022)
    • “Changes in patellofemoral kinematics Secondary to anterior cruciate ligament Reconstruction in young adults: A cross sectional observational study”
  • MCh Surgical Oncology (Completed Jun 2022)
    • “Assessment of arm, shoulder and hand dysfunction and its clinicosocial and treatment determinants among patients after neck dissection for head and neck cancers
  • MPH (Completed May 2022)
    • “ Effect of the combined intervention of yoga and PT as compared to only PT on Lower Limb Muscle strength , balance and ROM among elderly residing in urban field practice area of JIPMER, Puducherry: A parallel, non-arm RCT”

Mrs Bandana Senapati, Junior Occupational Therapist co-guide for MD paediatrics dissertation

  • Effect of a protocolized nutritional management plan on the growth of children with CP: A progressive single arm clinical study


  1. Gupta R, Sahu SK, Barathi A, Kumar N, Naik D, Roy G. Effect of combined intervention of yoga and physiotherapy as compared to only physiotherapy on lower limb muscle strength, balance and range of motion among elders with compromised stair climbing in Puducherry - A parallel arm nonrandomized control trial. Indian J Public Health 2023;67:562-5. DOI: 10.4103/ijph.ijph_1718_221
  2. Jayan J, Narayan SK, Haniffa YN, Kumar N. Somatosensory evoked potentials amplitude is enhanced after non-invasive brain stimulation in chronic ischemic stroke: Preliminary results from a randomised control trial. J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 2023 Nov 10;33(1):107418. doi: 10.1016/j.jstrokecerebrovasdis.2023.107418. PMID: 37951083.
  3. K P Priyadharshan, Navin Kumar (Corresponding author), D Shanmugam, D Kadambari and Sitanshu Sekhar Kar Quality of life in lower limb amputees: a cross-sectional study from a tertiary care center of South India Prosthetics and Orthotics International DOI: 10.1097/PXR.0000000000000108
  4. Padmapriyadarsini V, Navin K (Corresponding author), Abdul Gafoor S, Chitra G A comparison of functional assessment of pre- and post-surgical carpal tunnel syndrome using Boston carpal tunnel questionnaire and nerve conduction study: A prospective study from a tertiary center of south India Global Journal for Research Analysis Oct 2021; 10(10):117-120 DOI: 10.36106/gjra
  5. Bandana Senapati “Role of Occupational Therapy to promote effective breastfeeding in Down Syndrome- A case report”, IJAR, Volume-11, August 2021
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