Departmental Administration

Dr. Navin Kumar- Professor and Head.

Dr.V.Padmapriyadarsini – Assistant Professor

One Assistant Professor : Post vacant

Dr.Kalyaanasundhary S – Senior Resident O

ne Senior Resident: Posts Vacant

One JR (NPG) posted from MS office on rotation basis

Office Staff: Nil
1. Mr.P.Lakshmi Narayanan Store keeper
Physiotherapy Section:
2. Mrs.M.Suganthi Senior Physiotherapist
3. Mrs. R.Salaja Junior Physiotherapist
4. Mrs. L. Sivagami Junior Physiotherapist
5. Mr. Jebaraj Fletcher AS Junior Physiotherapist
6. Mr. N.Mohamed Thoufeeq Junior Physiotherapist (on study leave)
7. Mr. Sathyaraj S Junior Physiotherapist
8. Mr.Rahul Ranjan Junior Physiotherapist
9. Mr.Mohammad Shameer S Junior Physiotherapist
10. Mr.Prakash Chandra Junior Physiotherapist
11. Mr.Kaptan Singh Meena Junior Physiotherapist
12. Mrs. Komady G. PT Technician
1 post vacant PT Technician
1 post Vacant PT Assistant
13. Mr. Govinda Raita MTS
Occupational Therapy Section:
14. Dr. S.Sathish Kumar Senior Occupational Therapist
15. Mr. M. Ramakrishnan Junior Occupational Therapist
16. Mrs. Jose Mary Sangeetha X Junior Occupational Therapist
17. Mrs. Bandana Senapati Junior Occupational Therapist
18. Mrs. Suba Growther Junior Occupational Therapist
19. Mr.E,Pachaippan Junior Occupational Therapist
20. Mr. Rajesh Sahoo Junior Occupational Therapist
21. Mr.Smruti Ranjan Naik Junior Occupational Therapist
22. Ms. M. Suganya OT Technician
23. Mr. D.Coumaracouroubarane Craft Teacher
(1 post Vacant) Weaver
(1 post Vacant) Blacksmith
(1 post Vacant) OT Assistant
24. Mr.Sathiyamurthy P Trainee
Prosthetics Section:
25. Mr. M.Ananda Padmanabhan Prosthetist
26. Mr. J. Prakash Prosthetist
27. Mr. S.X.Herald Felix Xavier Prosthetic Technician Gr.I
28. Mr.T.Iyyanar Carpenter
29. Mr.C.Prasanth Prosthetic Craftsman(on-contract under Outsourcing)
30. Mr. Jeneeth Kumar B MTS (Cobbler)
Orthotics Section:
31. Mr. K.Srikanth Orthotist
32. Mr. Mana Govinda Dalai Orthotist
33. Mr.Chandra Sekar Tiwari Orthotic Technician Gr.I
34. Mr. V.Sargunan Orthotic Craftsman
35. Ms. R. Harini Orthotic Craftsman (on-contract under Outsourcing)
36. Mr. G.Sivakumar Cobbler (MTS)
37. Mr. S. Pazhanivel Cobbler (on Contract under Outsourcing)
38. Mr. K. Veeran Cobbler (on Contract under Outsourcing)
39. Mr. J. Selvakumar Cobbler (on Contract under Outsourcing)
. (1 post Vacant) Prosthetic & Orthotic Attendant


In addition, three support staff and three housekeeping staff are provided by the Outsourcing Wing, JIPMER

Last Updated :07-Mar-2024