General Info

The Department of Plastic Surgery has a long history in JIPMER. Initially the department was functioning under the Department of Surgery in 60s and 70s. Dr. I. N. Tiwari was the first Plastic Surgery faculty who started performing Plastic Surgery procedures in JIPMER in late 60s.

After his departure there was a long gap without a plastic surgeon in the department. However, Dr. Sathyaprakash, Professor and Head of the Department of General Surgery was looking after the Plastic Surgery work and the department was functioning under his stewardship.

In the mid 80s Dr. A. Kumar joined as Senior Resident/Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery and later on Dr. Mita Prasanna joined as Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery. However, there were no independent beds or Operation Theatre for the Plastic Surgery procedures.

In 1983-84 Dr. P.A. Vinod Kumar, joined as Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery and was later promoted as Associate Professor in 1984. During his tenure, an independent Department of Plastic Surgery was started and progressed remarkably. He was trained in Micro Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery from the UK. On 1st September 1986 Dr. Karoon Agrawal joined as Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery. In December 1987 Dr. Vinod Kumar left the department and Dr. Karoon Agrawal, Assistant Professor became the Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Sathya Narayana Mishra was posted in the Department of Plastic Surgery as Medical Officer from 2nd February 1989 to 7th May 1992.

Later Dr. K.N. Panda was posted as Medical Officer in the Department of Plastic Surgery who worked till his superannuation i.e. till 30th June 2010.

Dr. Karoon Agrawal was promoted as Professor and Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery on September 1994 and worked in that post till 15th April 2010. He was transferred to Safdarjung Hospital, Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery w.e.f. 16th April 2010.

The department started as General Plastic Surgery Department. Dr. P.A. Vinod Kumar developed the department and started performing all types of surgery. Dr. Karoon Agrawal was interested in cleft and craniofacial surgery, Hypospadias Surgery, Vitiligo Surgery, apart from other plastic surgical procedures. Hence the department has become known for high quality of cleft and craniofacial surgery, Hypospadias Surgery.

During the year 2009 the Institute became autonomous and there was an improvement in the infrastructure and simultaneously microsurgery facilities, laser surgery and aesthetic surgery were started with state of art equipment.

In early 2010 three Assistant Professors joined the department viz. Dr. Friji M.T., Dr. Devi Prasad Mohapatra and Dr. Dinesh Kumar. S in February, March, April 2012 respectively and Dr. Ravi Kumar Chittoria Joined as Additional Professor & Head in March 2012.

Bed Strength: The department started with 14 General Ward Beds. In 1987 it was 18 Beds with inclusion of 4 ICU beds. After shifting to Super Specialty Block, the department is functioning with 24 General Beds, 6 ICU Beds and 3 Special ward beds with a total of 33 beds.

Research Activities


  1. Association of Cleft lip and Palate with Handedness among patients with Cleft lip and Palate in South Indian Population


  1. Effect of Stromal Vascular Fraction Lipoaspirate in tissue regeneration in patients with Atrophic Rhinitis, a double blind randomized control trial
  2. Profile, Quality of life and General Health Status of Patients with Scars
  3. Speech Handicap Index in Patients with Orofacial and Neck contracture

Publications, Paper presentations, Guest Lectures, Chairing Scientific

  • Faculties are author of various text book and have written chapters in textbooks
  • Faculties are regularly publishing articles in national and international journals
  • Presenting Papers, delivering guest lectures, chairing scientific sessions in national and international conferences
  • Faculties are Member of various national and international organisations and associations
  • Faculties are honorary President, Secretary in various Associations and Editor & Co-Editor,
  • Reviewer of various Journals
  • Faculties have received various awards and honors
  • Faculties have organised various CMEs, Guest Lectures, workshops and Conferences

Teaching Activities

  • Teaching Undergraduates (MBBS/PG & NPG Junior Residents/Nurses/Technicians/MRD Students)
  • Teaching Postgraduates (M.Ch & Non M.Ch Senior Residents) (2 MCh seats/year)


  • General Plastic surgery equipments
  • Microscope and Microvascular Instruments
  • Power assisted Liposuction
  • Derma-abraders
  • Nd YAG 1064nm
  • IPL 540nm
  • CO2 10600nm
  • Diode 5W
  • Nasal Endoscope and Videographic recording equipments
  • Impedance Audiometry equipment
  • Centrifuge equipments
  • Deep Refrigerator
  • Stryker
  • Computer based Image Management System
  • Electric saw, Roto-Osteotome and Drill
  • Hand held Doppler
  • Nerve Stimulator
  • Electrical dermatomes
  • Zimmer Skin Graft Mesher

Other Activities

  • Karaikal JIPMER Outreach camps (once/Month)
  • Speech Rehabilitation of stroke patients, cleft patients
  • Burns and Trauma Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy/ Occupational therapy)
  • Digital Photographic record of patients
  • Microvascular Research and Training lab

Notable Contributions by Department to Health Sciences

  • Modified the principles in the management of human bite facial wounds.
  • Simplified the reconstruction of large skeletal defect in chest wall following tumour resections.
  • Innovated a silicone lip guard to prevent trauma to the repaired cleft lip over the malrotated tooth.
  • Modified the classical Indian forehead flap so as to be useful for reconstruction of moustache.
  • Evolved a method to delay the recurrence of malignant tumours in Xeroderma pigmentosum.
  • Established “Scoring of Normal Mouth opening in school children” to evaluate the degree of trismus.
  • Established “JIPMER Scale for Post burn Contractures” for objective evaluation of the functional and cosmetic deformities.
  • Innovated a simple and inexpensive two point discrimination tester.
  • Evolved methods to reuse of tissue expanders.
  • Innovated pressure clip for ear lobe keloids.
  • Described the chordee flap in hypospadias.
  • Designed Manual record keeping system for Plastic Surgery.

Future Plans

  • To start Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Plastic Surgery
  • To start Short Term Certificate/Training Programmes in LASER, Microvascular surgery, Wound
  • Management, Cosmetic surgery, Telemedicine
  • To start Stem cell therapy, Ultrasonic Debridement, Hydrosurgery Debridement, Tissue
  • Engineering, Composite Tissue Transplantation, Anti Aging, Mesotherapy, Thread Facelift,
  • Endoscopic Reconstructive surgeries, Robotic Surgeries.
  • To start ‘Simulators Application’ in Plastic Surgery
  • To start ‘Virtual Plastic Surgery’
  • To start Inter Institute- Medical College Rotation Teaching posting for M.Ch students
  • To organize Cleft Lip & Palate Camp in association with ‘Rotary Club of Pondicherry Eves’


  • Organised 2nd International and 7th National Annual conference of “Society For Wound Care and Research (SWCR)” in JIPMER, Pondicherry in Oct 2013
  • Organised ‘Cadaveric Flap Dissection Course & Workshop’
  • Organised ‘LASER Workshop’
  • Organised CME on wound Update
  • Invited Plastic Surgeons of Pondicherry and other Institutions for Active Participation in Regular CME, Symposiums, Guest Lectures in the Department for academic