General Info

Department of Pharmacy is one of the important ancillary services, earlier called ‘dispensary’, traces its origin in 1823 in the medical school called “Ecole de Medicine de Pondicherry” established by the French government. In 1956, the Govt. of India took over the medical school and it was called Dhanvantary Medical College. Then the medical college was renamed as JIPMER.

The Department of Pharmacy consists of

  1. Pharmacy office
  2. Tablets Store
  3. Injection Store
  4. I.V. Fluids & Medical gas store
  5. Chemicals stores
  6. Surgical & Disinfectant stores.
  7. Sub store for IV fluids and surgical items at super specialty block
  8. Pharmacies for dispensing drugs to the patients
  • The Out Patients Department Pharmacy
  • The Staff and Students Health Clinic Pharmacy
  • The Super Specialty Block Pharmacy
  • Regional Cancer Centre Pharmacy