S. No Title of the research Name of the Agency Total amount sanctioned
1.       Effect of BCG-Denmark (Green Signal) on prevention of COVID 19 infection in health care workers – a randomized controlled trial JIPMER , Extramural (ATE Chandra foundation) Extramural Rs 10 lakhs Intramural Rs 10 lakhs
2.       Effect of Heat and Moisture exchanger (HME) vs. Heated humidifier (HH) on ventilator related adverse events in children- A pilot randomized controlled trial Intramural (Funded by JIPMER Rs. 1,50,000
3.       Effect of therapeutic plasma exchange in the outcome of Pediatric severe sepsis – A pilot randomized controlled study Intramural (Funded by JIPMER Rs 1,50,000
4.       Incidence and Predictors of extubation failure in children on mechanical ventilation: a prospective observational study Intramural (Funded by JIPMER Rs 70,000
5.       Improving the outcomes of sick children referred from district hospitals in and around Puducherry by establishing a communication network – a community-based quality improvement initiative Extramural JAA (JIPMER Alumni association) USD 10,000
6.       Trend of inflammatory markers and their correlation with severity of COVID 19 infection in children – A prospective observational study. Intramural (Funded by JIPMER) Rs 1,32,000
7.       Outcome of early short course corticosteroid therapy in Severe Community Acquired Pneumonia – A randomized controlled trial. Intramural (Funded by JIPMER Rs 1,90,000
8.       Proportion and clinical outcome of scrub typhus among meningoencephalitis in children, a hospital based analytical study. Intramural (Funded by JIPMER) 1,45,162
9.        National Registry for Rare and Other Inherited Disorders Extra mural (ICMR) 3,53,850   (5 years)
10.    Skill development program in Biotechnology (Genetic counselling) Extra mural (DBT) 97,55,000 (3 years)
11.    Role of CD4 +  T cell subsets in pathogenesis of Acute Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease Intra mural (JIPMER) 4,73,121    (3 years)
12.    Genetic analysis of paediatric patients with cystic fibrosis or cystic fibrosis like disease. Intra mural (JIPMER) 1,75,000  (3 years)
13.    Comparison of supplementation with 2000 IU vs 4000 IU of vitamin D on bone mineral density in patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy- A double blind randomised  controlled trial following a pilot study with 1000 IU vs 4000 IU Vitamin D. Intra mural (JIPMER) 2,00,000
14.   Indian Registry and Biorepository for children with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS)  (ICMR funded) (in collaboration with AIIMS, New Delhi) Overall budget for all centres combined- Rs 20,23,586
15.   Outcomes of Acute Kidney Disease in Children: An observational Study Intramural (funded by JIPMER) Rs 2,00,000
16.   Setting up of registry and targeted exome sequencing in children with renal tubular disorders (Principal investigator from JIPMER in a multicenter collaborative project) ICMR Rs 300000 sanctioned (to JIPMER) Duration of project-3 years
17.   Role of DNA methylation in the pathogenesis of complicated urinary tract infection in Children Intramural (funded by JIPMER) Rs 1.75 lac 3 years
18.   Outcome of acute kidney injury in pediatric diabetic ketoacidosis: one year prospective cohort study. JIPMER Intramural Research Grant INR 1,50,000 /-
19.   Measured glomerular filtration rate using Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA) renal scan versus estimated glomerular filtration rate using modified Schwartz formula in critically ill children: A prospective observational, analytical study JIPMER Intramural Research Grant INR 1,50,000 /-
20.   Efficacy of oral iron supplementation from 90 to 120 days of age to prevent development of iron deficiency anemia by 6 months- A single blinded randomised controlled trial Intramural (JIPMER) Rs 94500/-
21.   Normative data for aquagenic wrinkling time of palms in children 1-15 years of age- a hospital based cross sectional study. Intra mural (JIPMER) Rs. 1,20,000


Last Updated :15-Sep-2022