1. Antenatal care, Post natal care and contraception services
  2. High risk Obstetrics management
  3. Gynecologic oncology treatment and screening
  4. Urogynecology
  5. Minimally invasive gynecology
  6. Fetal medicine
  7. Obstetric medicine
  8. Outpatient care and emergency care for other Gynecologic disorders.
  9. Infertility services

Special clinics:

SL No Special clinic Day Timings Faculty
1 Fetal Medicine Monday and Tuesday 10am-1pm * Dr Mamatha Gowda
2 Cancer Clinic Wednesday 2pm- 4:30 pm

Dr Latha Chaturvedula

Dr Jayalaksmi D

Dr Veena P

Dr Dilip kumar Maurya

3 Colposcopy Clinic Wednesday 2pm- 4:30 pm

Dr S .Murali

Dr Parvathi T

Dr Sujithra Devi. R

4 Menopausal clinic Wednesday 2pm- 4:30 pm

Dr Gowri D

Dr Sujatha V

5 Post natal and family planning Clinic Wednesday 2pm- 4:30 pm

Dr Anish K

Dr Sasirekha R

Dr Mamatha Gowda

Dr Bhabhani P

Dr Nivedita

6 Endocrinology Clinic Wednesday 2pm- 4:30 pm

Dr Haritha Sagili

Dr Yavana Suriya

7 Infertility Clinic Thursday 9am-1pm

Dr Latha Chaturvedula

Dr Sujatha V

8 Infertility Clinic Saturday 9am-1pm

Dr Paapa Dasari

Dr Chitra T

9 Andrology Clinic Saturday 9am-1pm

Dr Kubera NS

Mr Jitendar kumar

*- Scheduled to start in March 2022

Last Updated :02-Nov-2022