Our department carries out many educational activities to improve the knowledge and skills and to have full potentials in all specialty area to provide efficient quality health care. The following activities are carried out.

  • Inservice Education
  • Institutional level CNE Programme on every Thursday under the direction of MOH.
  • Nurses are taking classes focusing on their respective specialty area.
  • Interdepartmental education for the nurses also carried out.
  • Department Level Mini Workshops
  • State and National level conferences are being held.
  • Many international conferences/workshop are also being carried out by JIPMER Nurses.
  • Induction Training and orientation training program for newly joined Nurses.
  • Outreach Health Education Services by various departments.
  • Nurses are motivated to go for Higher educations ( Nursing, Nursing, Public Health Nursing)
  • Through HR training cell Tutors are actively giving training to all the employees of the Hospital on the process of achieving accreditation.
  • The staffs are regularly updated with current skills in CPR, Central Venus Catheters asepsis, maintenance of mechanical ventilators in ICU, isolation techniques in renal transplantation.
  • The nurses are given continuous training to provide efficient quality care for pediatric and neonatal.
  • The nurses are sent to other higher institutions to get trained in stoma care, Liver transplantation, Tissue transplantation.


  • Our department celebrates Nightingale day on May 12th.
  • Farewell party is given for the nurses those who are going on superannuation in a grand manner.
  • Nurses are taking parts in various recreational and entertainment activities in hospital celebrations.
  • Nurses are actively involved in sports activity and they have won many tournaments.


  • Nurses are involved in achieving the organizational goals.
  • They are taking active parts in JIPMER Quality Council.
  • The Hospital Infection control committee vigorously working to have Infection free environment.
  • The most important activities like Biomedical Waste Management also done by nurses.
  • Nurses are being awarded for their achievement.
  • Institutional Awards.
  • National Awards.
  • Over and all the nurses are qualified with Master degree and they do research activities also and they have updated their knowledge in assisting for Robotic surgery.


  • The department has wide systematic approach in the functional activities.
  • There is a remarkable reporting system.
  • The management divides into top level, middle level and lower level management.
  • The top level manages all the higher level activities like administering the overall unit.
  • The middle level bridging between top level and lower level.
  • The lower level is the main functional unit.
  • Every month meetings are conducted for all the categories and all the problems and solutions are discussed.
  • Duty scheduling, leave arrangements, supervision, monitoring are done in an efficient way so that the normal duties are not hampered.
  • The department extends various help to other departments in the organization.
Last Updated :22-Mar-2023