General Info

About Nuclear Medicine:

Nuclear medicine is a unique branch of medicine that offers both diagnostic and therapeutic services for various indications. It involves the administration of very small amounts of unsealed radiopharmaceuticals (radiotracers) to study the function of various organs systems and in the diagnosis and follow-up of cancer patients. Radiopharmaceuticals are also used to treat various disease conditions.

About the department:

At present, the department has three qualified nuclear medicine physicians on the faculty and 3 well-trained technical personnel.

The department has one technical supervisor and three technical assistant posts.
Technical Assistants: Ms. Agnes Angeline G, Mr. Srikanth S and Mr. Gopinath R.

About 4,500 scans and procedures are performed annually.

Performance of the department in the FY 2013-14


One SPECT-CT (Symbia T6) and workstation

One thyroid uptake probe and single well-counter (Biodex)

One automated ten well scintillation counter (PerkinElmer Wizard2), One automated five well scintillation counter (PerkinElmer) and One Liquid scintillation counter (PerkinElmer)

Gamma ray Spectrometer (Nucleonix)

Ancillary equipments/instruments: Isotope calibrator, Fume hood, survey meters, contamination meters, and a table top centrifuge machine.


The department offers two full-time academic courses.

B.Sc. (Nuclear medicine technology) :

Duration: 3 years (1st year: Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry are taught in addition to Radiation Physics.; 4 semesters in the next 2 years: Radiopharmacy, Nuclear medicine instrumentation, In-vitro methods, Radiation biology, and Radiation safety. They are given excellent hands-on training in nuclear medicine procedures and quality control of equipments and radiopharmaceuticals.

Optional one year Internship is offered after completing the course. Currently, there are three interns: Mr. Jonathan, Ms. Nasira, Ms. Rajalakshmi

First batch: 2012-13

Number of seats per year: 4

Mode of admission: Through JIPMER B.Sc Allied Medical Sciences Entrance Examination

Facilities and Learning: The students are encouraged to actively take part in seminars and discussions. They are trained to conduct all nuclear medicine procedures.

Evaluation: Written and oral examinations every 6 months.

One batch of B.Sc students have successfully passed out.

Interns currently in the department: Jonathan Solomon, Nasira Akthar, Rajalakshmi

List of students presently on the roll:

3rd year: Akhil Thangachan, Ashwin Jeba S, Jeromiee AV, Vasanth M

2nd year: Karunakaran B, Krishnapriya D, Pavithra Devi S, Vianey Abraham

1st year: Arepalli Joshi Rakesh, Drishya P, Joycie S, Swathi Astha

MD (Nuclear Medicine):

Duration: 3 years

First batch: 2013-14

Number of seats per year: Beginning 2015: Three per year - one in January session and two in July session. (Two per year during 2013-14 and 2014-15 batches)

Mode of admission: Through All-India JIPMER PG Entrance Examination

Learning: The department has three well-trained and experienced nuclear medicine physicians on the faculty. Lectures, seminar, journal club, inter-departmental meet and case presentations are conducted regularly. Students are encouraged to actively take part in research projects. Each candidate has to take up a research project and the completed dissertation should be submitted in the third year.

Facilities: The department has a state-of-the-art SPECT-CT (6-slice diagnostic quality CT). About 400 to 450 scans and procedures are performed every month. State-of-the-art thyroid uptake probe cum well-counter is a new addition. Some of the therapeutic procedures done are radio-iodine therapy for thyrotoxicosis, Samarium-153 therapy for bone pain palliation and radiation synovectomy. Thyroid probe and a single well counter, and two automated gamma counter are installed. Isolation wards for radionuclide therapy, a dual head gamma camera and PET/CT are in the pipeline.

Evaluation: Internal: written and oral examinations every 6 months.

Final examination: At the end of 3 years.

List of candidates on the roll:

2013 batch: Dr. Peethamber L, Dr. K Sreenivasa Reddy

2014 batch: Dr. Naveen Kumar, Dr. Sarath Kumar

2015 January batch: Dr. Meivel PA

2016 January batch: Dr. Mangu S Bharadwaj

2016 June batch: Dr. Kilambi Yeseshvi, Dr. Geetanjali Reddy

Senior Residency (SR) programme:

The department provides excellent opportunities for research and learning for postgraduate nuclear medicine physicians. At present, there are 6 seats.

List of Senior Residents: Dr. K Sreenivasa Reddy