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The Neonatology division had been an important segment of the Department of Pediatrics since its inception, providing clinical care, research and training of the highest quality in Neonatology. To provide an impetus to neonatal services in JIPMER, the Neonatology division was upgraded to a separate department from 1st December 2014. The Neonatal ICU (NICU) is by far the largest ICU in JIPMER, with over 60 beds in three levels. The JIPMER NICU is also among the busiest neonatal units in the country, and provides cutting-edge clinical services free of cost to patients, including therapeutic hypothermia, mechanical ventilation, CPAP and surfactant therapy in addition to 24X7 neonatal resuscitation and emergency care. The DM Neonatology course was commenced in August 2009 with an aim to nurture competent super-specialists who would be capable enough to provide clinical care of the highest order to the newborn infants, and serve as future teachers, trainers, researchers and leaders in the field of Neonatology. With the initiation of PhD course in Neonatology from September 2010, research activities bringing science from bench to bedside and taking evidence to practice have been given a new thrust in the department. Our department is known in the country for extensive research contributions in neonatal sepsis and perinatal asphyxia including therapeutic hypothermia, and participation in nation-wide teaching and research projects. We also provide follow-up and early intervention services to high-risk neonates. The neonatology services have been brought under one roof in the JIPMER Women and Children hospital (JWCH).


Emergency services (24x7x365)

  • Neonatal resuscitation
  • Emergency Neonatal care

Inpatient services

  • Level III NICU (14 Beds)
  • Level II NICU (15 Beds)
  • Level I NICU (31 Beds)
  • Postnatal wards (70-80 newborns)
  • Kangaroo Mother care (KMC) ward (12 beds)
  • Amutham Thaipaal Maiyam (ATM) – Human milk bank and breastfeeding counseling center
  • Pre- and post-op care for neonatal surgical patients

Important procedures

  • Neonatal ventilation/CPAP/high-flow nasal cannula
  • Surfactant therapy
  • Phototherapy
  • Exchange transfusion
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Bedside Ultrasonography
  • Lactation counseling and postnatal lactation support
  • Retinopathy of prematurity screening
  • Hearing screening

Outpatient services     

  • High risk neonates follow up clinic–Monday to Friday.
  • Early Intervention Center (physiotherapy, speech therapy and special education).

Special clinics

  • Under-five (immunization) clinic-Wednesday afternoon (with Department of Pediatrics).
Last Updated :15-Sep-2022