The 3-year DM Neonatology course was commenced in August 2009 with an aim to nurture competent super-specialists who would be capable enough to provide clinical care of the highest order to the newborn infants, and serve as future teachers, trainers, researchers and leaders in the field of Neonatology. The current intake is 2 residents per year. Alumni of this course currently work in prominent institutions across the country, and abroad.

PhD Neonatology

PhD course in Neonatology was started in September 2010, with a focus on basic and translational research related to Neonatology. These research activities help to bring science from the bench to the bedside from evidence to practice. Currently 3 research scholars are enrolled in this program.

MD Pediatrics

Posted in rotation to Neonatology. Current intake in the Department of Pediatrics is approximately 20 per year.


Undergraduate training (both theory and bedside teaching) is a key component of the department’s academic activities.


Faculty in the department of Neonatology are also guides or co-guides for residents pursuing MD Pediatrics. We are also co-guides for BSc and MSc nursing students, and help train neonatal nurses through the post-basic neonatal nursing diploma course. We also collaborate with other departments, including the Departments of Anatomy, Biochemistry and Microbiology for Ph.D and MD courses

Last Updated :10-Jun-2022