General Info

The Department of Medicine forms one of the major pioneer clinical departments of the institute. It is the first contact to patients with physical ailments and handles a large number of emergencies. Apart from daily run Out-patient service the department runs specialty clinics on Diabetes, Hypertension, Geriatrics, Hematology, HIV/AIDS, Respiratory Medicine and Clinical Genetics.

It is currently headed by Dr. Abdoul Hamide, Professor (senior scale). There are fourteen consultants handling six clinical units; each headed by a consultant at the level of Professor/Addl. Professor. Each unit is allotted around thirty beds distributed over five wards.

A sixteen bedded Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is functioning from 2011 and a six bedded High Dependency Unit (HDU) is functioning since 2014.

A well-structured teaching program for Undergraduates (UG) and Post-graduate (PG) students is one of the unique strengths of the department.

Apart from the theory classes, the 150 Undergraduates who enter the clinical side every year from the third semester onwards are rotated in various units for system based learning, to develop sound communication skills and capacity building to manage common medical disorders.

Ten Post-graduates are admitted every six months at each session (Jan/July) since 2015. PG teaching focuses on imparting clinical skills, hands-on experience in managing a variety of complex and critical cases under the close supervision of the faculty. Emphasis is laid on practice of evidence-based medicine through seminars, topic reviews, and presentations in the journal club. They are also trained in basic bedside ultrasound and echocardiography. By the 2nd year, the PGs are also well versed with central line insertions, temporary cardiac pacing, pericardiocentesis, placements of intra-arterial lines, ultrasound guided kidney biopsy, liver biopsy and bone marrow aspirate and biopsy. The residents are also well versed with nerve and muscle biopsy.

Research focus of the faculty members is on locally prevalent conditions with the aim to improve patient outcomes. Presently research is being done in the field of infectious diseases, diabetes and metabolic diseases, clinical toxicology, clinical cardiology, clinical nephrology, and clinical rheumatology.