General Info

Activities include purchasing and distribution of linen materials to hospital and institute, maintaining stock for stitched items i.e. Bed Sheet, Dhothi, Patient saree etc., and issuing them to laundry as replacement following condemnation or towards to increase stock and as new stock and maintaining stock for unstitched items and those items to be stitched from tailoring unit as part of the Linen Section and maintain account of linen issued to the tailors.  Linen items (OT Gown, OT Vest, OT Pyjama, Patient Gown, Adult Shirt etc.,) are issued to tailors for stitching as per schedule. After stitching by the tailors, entry is made in stock register.

Purchasing and distribution of linen materials for the uniform to all class ‘D’ (ERSTWHILE) personnel (Nursing Attendant, Safaiwala, Security Guard etc.) and coats for all doctors and aprons for technicians etc are done.  Stitching in the tailoring unit is done only for staff aprons.  The uniforms of group ‘D’ (ERSTWHILE) personnel are stitched outside the institute and payment is borne by the Linen Section.

In addition to hospital needs we also supply special stitched linen materials as and when needed for various academic, research and hospital activities.

We also supply linen materials on loan basis for official functions in the institute.