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The JIPMER Laundry is one of the vital department for the smooth functioning of the hospital which renders patient care service by providing adequate clean linen supply to various user departments in JIPMER as per schedule at the door step. The importance of this department had been seen as it was one among the essential department and was established along with JIPMER hospital in the year 1966 and renovated in the year of 2017.Brief about our service:We are collecting the soil linen from various Ward, OT, OPD, Covid and ICU on daily basis and the collected soil linen undergo the process of washing, extracting, drying, folding, mending and delivery.We are using bleaching Powder, washing soda, soap chips. Dettol and blue with steam temperature of 85°C for washing the infected linen. We are having separate protocol for washing Covid and OT materials.The linen which cannot be repaired or unusable faded linen have been segregated for Linen condemnation which is being done bi-monthly and get replacement against the condemnation quantity from linen store.


1 Washing Extractor 120 kg 05 nos.
2 Washing Machine 100 kg 02 nos.
3 Washer Extractor 60 kg 01 no.
4 Washer Extractor 30 kg 02 nos.
5 Hydro Extractor 50 kg 03 nos.
6 Drying Tumbler 120 kg 01 no.
7 Drying Tumbler 50 kg 04 nos.
8 Drying Chamber 160 Bedsheets/per 01 no.
9 Thermax Boiler 2 Ton 01 no.
10 Thermax Boiler 0.5 Ton 02 nos.
11 Sewing Machine With motor 02 nos.


Our JIPMER Laundry plays a vital role by providing patient care service under sanitary perspective. We are keen in providing clean and adequate linen to the patient care area and making the patient to feel more comfortable and hygiene while using our clean linen.

Fire safety precautions:

Since we are handling very high voltage machines and large quantity of Linen which is more prone to fire hazards, FSPC, JIPMER made provision of fire- extinguisher which is located throughout the laundry with fire detecting system and alarm. The workers had been trained how to use fire fighting equipment during fire accidents.


  1. To establish a linen bank in JIPMER. It will work on under “Give & Take” policy.
  2. Proposal approved for centralised boiler house which connects Laundry, Dietetics and CSSD in near future.
  3. Procurement of new equipments to meet out the upcoming workload (120 Kg Washer Extractor, Automatic Bed Sheet Ironing and Folding machine).
  4. Computerization of the linen accounts.
  5. Expansion of drying yard.
  6. Arranging a systematic testing of washed linen materials to ensure the proper washing.
  7. Provision of air extraction system in the folding and washing area of laundry block to ensure a pollution free working environment.
  8. We propose to setup a water Effluent Treatment plant in laundry to minimise water Consumption.
  9. We propose to install a solar power plant in laundry to save the power and cost.
  10. We are planning to implement the OZONE treatment method in washing soiled linen.
  11. We are planning to add concentrated perfume at the end of washing process to get rid off the foul smell


  1. We have newly commissioned high pressure automatic steam boiler with 2 ton capacity in laundry premises. It will provide service as a centralised boiler which connects Laundry, Dietetics and CSSD in future.
  1. We implemented Bed: Linen Ratio.
  2. For wards/OTs/OPDs - 1:6 ratio
  3. For ICUs - 1:8 ratio.
  4. We successfully Installed Washer Extractor- 60 Kg 01 No., 30 Kg Washer Extractor 02 Nos. and 120 Kg Drying Tumbler- 01 no.
  5. Done Mass Condemnation of waste linen and e-auctioning it.
  6. We have revised the procedures for linen condemnation and scrutinized it.

Conclusion:The existing setup of laundry in all aspects was designed only to meet out the workload of 850 bedded hospital. Now the hospital bed strength has been increased to nearly 2400 beds. Even then, we are taking much effort to provide proper patient care services with available setup.

Last Updated :10-Aug-2023