Insurance Wing

Insurance wing is functioning in JIPMER since 2013 under the Medical Superintendent Office for provision of treatment for patients under AB-PMJAY/ TNCMCHIS/NLC/ CGHS. So far more than 80,000 patients were benefited by the ABPMJAY/TNCMCHIS/NLC/ CGHS. Around 15,000 sick patients have been treated per year under various Insurance Schemes and more than 129 crores have been generated by the above Insurance Schemes so far. In addition to this, JIPMER is also empanelled with TNHSP for High End Procedures like Renal Transplantation, Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cochlear Implantation under AB-PMJAY/TNCMCHIS. JIPMER has been awarded as the best performing Empanelled Hospital of TNCMCHIS for the year 2019.


  • More Patients able to be treated free of cost
  • Fully Computerized Online System Improves Efficiency, Transparency
  • JIPMER Learning how to cater to Insurance Patients with Cash Less settlement.
  • Ability to perform more surgeries and procedures.

How TNCMCHIS benefits from JIPMER

  • High Quality Procedures across spectrum of specialties under one roof
  • World Class Facilities
  • Procedures done at Lowest Cost compared to Corporate Hospitals due to NO PROFIT, Cross Subsidy Policy
  • Major Stress on Quality and Safety impacts on low complication rates and greater patient satisfaction

JIPMER and TNCMCHIS has benefited each other from this unique collaboration by treating more patients form the poor socioeconomic strata With High Efficiency. There is a significant scope for Improvement and Strengthen the collaboration to achieve our common goal.

The Insurance Wing involves in cost effective, high quality medical care for the common man

Last Updated :01-Apr-2022