Hindi Cell, from the very inception of this Institute is serving the cause of promotion and progressive use of the Official Language Hindi. It also strives for implementation of the Official Language policies of the Government of India. There is a sanctioned strength of six Hindi posts to shoulder the responsibilities and for sometime now, Hindi Cell is functioning with a strength of one Assistant Director (OL), a Senior Hindi Translator, two Junior Hindi Translator and a Data Entry Operator to carry out the responsibilities. Hindi Cell does all the works related to translation from English to Hindi and vice-versa, as per requirements of the Official Language Act and Rules, along with the other duties as prescribed such as preparation of forms and documents in bilingual form, etc. Data base is being maintained for preparation of quarterly, half-yearly and Annual Reports indicating the progressive use of Hindi in the Institute, compilation is done and transmitted to the Ministry and Regional Implementation offices.


Last Updated: 27 Jan 2022

Last Updated :27-Jan-2022