General Info

The Department of ENT

The origin of the department of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology & Head Neck Surgery dates back to November 1956 when Ecole De Medicine De Pondicherry established in 1823 (maintained by the French Government) was taken over by the Government of India. Dr. O.P. Gupta (retired as Professor of ENT, BHU Varanasi) was the first head of the department followed by Dr. Hullgol of Bombay University. Dr. P.B. Rao, M.S., FRCS, became a professor and head of the ENT department in 1965 during which period microsurgery of the ear and larynx were undertaken with highly gratifying results. Prof. K.L. Sawhney took up the reign after him, followed by other eminent professors, who started all types of major head & neck surgeries for malignancies of the upper airway and anterior skull base surgery.

The department has been doing Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (Video Monitored) since 1995 with excellent results. The department has been using microdebriders/tissue shaver in functional endoscopic sinus surgery since 1999. The Audiology Section is equipped with GSI 33 & GSI 61 audiometers from 1996. The sophisticated BERA and OAE have been installed in the department from the year 1998 to facilitate enhanced audiological evaluation. Since 2015, universal screening for deafness for all newborns is available.

During the 2nd phase of expansion of the hospital, the department of ENT has obtained new equipment including LASERs, image-guided surgery, full HD endoscopic camera with recording capability, VEMP. electronystagmogram, five operating microscopes, sinuplasty balloons, and harmonic scalpels. Lateral skull base surgeries and advanced airway surgeries like tracheal resection anastomoses, partial cricotracheal resections are done with good results.

The department also has a temporal bone dissection laboratory for the training of residents in cochlear implantation. The department has completed more than 75 cochlear implantation surgeries with good results.

Surgery for cancers of the oral cavity, oropharynx, thyroid, and larynx are done routinely.

From April 2019, robot-assisted surgeries of the head and neck region are being done by the department. More than 25 robotic surgeries have been done to date. Trans Oral Robotic Surgery for oropharyngeal malignancies and robot-assisted thyroidectomies & submandibular gland surgeries are being done with excellent results. Special clinics like voice clinic, audiovestibular clinic, and pediatric deafness clinic are planned for the end of this year. The department plans to acquire a sialendoscopy system and piezosurgery shortly.