Inpatient Services:

The department has male and female wards in ward 36 and 37 of the third floor of Superspeciality Block with 8 beds each. Additionally, we have two beds in special ward.

Inpatient dynamic testing:

Dexamethasone suppression test, ACTH Stimulation testing, Growth Hormone Stimulation testing (Clonidine/glucagon), GnRH analogue stimulation testing, HCG stimulation test, Growth Hormone Suppression testing, Saline suppression testing, Water deprivation test, 48/72 hour fasting test

Out-Patient Services

  • OPD services are carried in room number 214 of first floor of OPD section of Superspeciality Block
Day Endocrine OPD in SSB (214) Endocrine OPD in RCC & WCH
Morning Clinic 8.30 AM -1 pm
Monday Young diabetes Clinic Paediatric Cancer Survivor Clinic (Afternoon 2-4 PM)
Tuesday General Endocrinology
Wednesday Osteoporosis & Metabolic Bone Disease Clinic GDM Clinic (Afternoon 2-4 PM)
Thursday General Endocrinology
Friday Endocrine Follow-up Clinic & Integrated Diabetic Foot Clinic
Monday - Friday Diabetes Education Clinic (8.30-10 AM)
Last Updated :20-Sep-2023