General Info

Endocrinology is branch of Medicine dealing with endocrine glands(pituitary ,thyroid,parathyroid,endocrine pancreas,adrenal glands,testes,ovary,adipose tissue) ,their secretions called hormones and their malfunctions.The department spearheads the management of of widely prevalent disorders like diabetes, obesity, thyroid dysfunction, PCOS, osteoporosis, menopausal symptoms,metabolic conditions, as well as less common, highly complex hormonal disorders.

In JIPMER, the division of Endocrinology functioned under Medicine department for short intervals under Dr. Muthalagu and Dr. Sushil Kumar Gupta earlier in the past. The separate department of Endocrinology was started under professor of Medicine, Dr. Abdoul Hamide with Dr. Sadishkumar @ Kamalanathan as assistant professor of Endocrinology in February, 2010.

Initially,the department had 6 beds alloted to it in Superspecialty Block.The departmental patient care services were managed in interim with successive senior residents,Dr.Vignesh,Dr.Mahesh,Dr.Girish and Dr.Karthik Balachandran.Sooner, the department got 2 separate wards with 16 beds in third floor of Superspecialty Block. Dr.Jaya prakash Sahoo joined the department as new assistant professor of Endocrinology on August,2012.Pediatric Endocrinology services were started in September 2012 in collaboration with department of Pediatrics.

Dr.Ashok Kumar Das, Senior Professor of Medicine replaced Dr. Abdoul Hamide as HOD in 2013 and DM Endocrinology was started with 2 seats per year with Dr.Karthik Balachandran and Dr.Milind Patil joining as first DM trainees.Subsequently,the department got a whole body bone densitometer installed in Superspecialty Block.

The department is involved with various intradepartmental, interdepartmental and interinstitutional research projects .It has conducted various CMEs and workshop for academic purposes. The strength of the department has been has been its close collaboration with various superspecialty and specialty departments especially those with Medicine,Pediatrics ,General Surgery ,Neurosurgery,Urology, Radiology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine.

Academic events in the department:

18/4/10:CME on management of thyroid disorders

31/10/2010:Adolescent and Pediatric Endocrinology Update

16/9/2012:Metabobolic Bone Disease Update

9/8/2013: Golden Jubilee CME on Diabetes

Guest Lectures:

31/8/2010:Dyslipidemia in Prediabetes and Diabetes:Dr.Vasudevan Raghavan

25/7/2011: Hyperthyroidism: From Evidence to Practice-Dr.Prakash Abraham

26/7/2011:Workshop on insulin pumps