General Info

Emergency Medical Services Department (EMSD)

Prior to 2013, Emergency Medical Services Department (EMSD) was managed by General Duty Medical Officers (GDMO’s) and residents posted from various core specialties. The person in-charge of the department used to be of the rank of Chief Medical Officer. One Assistant Professor joined the department in June 2013. One Professor of Surgery was co-opted as the Head of the department in July 2013. One Additional Professor has joined the department in February 2014.

            With the expansion of the services and as approved by the Standing Academic Committee, it was re-designated as “Department of Emergency Medicine and Trauma” from March 2014. The post-graduate (MD-Emergency Medicine & Trauma) course was started in the month of April 2014, with six residents joining the department in the first batch. In January 2015, another four students joined the MD course. Out of ten students who joined the course in 2014-15, five seats were sponsored to the General Duty Medical Officers who worked in the department previously.

It is currently headed by Dr.M.Vivekanandan Pillai, Addl.Professor of medicine. One assistant professor joined the department in September 2018. There are five Senior Medical Officer posted in emergency medicine.