Department of dietetics runs 24/7. The Department of Dietetics everyday prepares diet for in-patients in three shifts. Approximately 5400 diets (breakfast, lunch and dinner) per day for 1800 patients and Fluids, Fruits, Egg and Blends is provided at Mid-morning and Evening. The diet is given to all in-patients.

The main objective of the department of Dietetics is to provide Normal, Therapeutic diet as well as Fluids for oral and tube feeding.

As Diet is an integral part of Curative and preventive health care management, the department is involved in dietary services like

  • Normal Diet preparation
  • Therapeutic Diet Preparation including diet for COVID patients
  • Diet counseling
  • Administration
  • Departmental orientation programs

The staffs in our department are highly motivated and involved in patient care services to deliver the best nutritional care to the patients and reduce their hospital stay with all the available resources and making the dietetics department a national bench mark for nutritional care. Well Balanced Nutritious meal planning is done by Dieticians. The diet requisition slips received from various wards and they are compiled and consolidated by the steward and statements of Fruit, Milk, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is done in computerized system. The store keeper issue ingredients as per the menu on daily basis. Supply of perishable items like milk, fruits, and vegetables are done on daily basis. Food preparation is done using steam generated Hi-tech boilers and LPG ranges. Diet is served in meal plates with covers in tray setting area. Therapeutic diets are served separately according to various disease conditions. Diet setting is done under the supervision of shift Dietician. Food distribution to various wards and tray clearance (Old hospital building, Casualty, Super Specialty Block, Women and Child Hospital, Regional Cancer Centre, PMRC and Infectious diseases ward) is done by our supporting staffs. All Kitchen utensils, equipment and trays are cleaned and maintained in a hygienic manner.

COVID PERIOD: JIPMER has started a Covid block (SSB Annexe) for patients affected by COVID, for this a special weekly menu has been planned and executed. During Covid period uninterrupted quality services provided to Covid block and other non-Covid area. In addition to Covid patients and non-Covid patients’ diet is also provided to all quarantine staff and students during Covid period.

Last Updated :05-Apr-2023