General Info

Establishment of the department

The Department of Dietetics was established along with JIPMER hospital in the year 1966. It is one of the essential departments providing the healthy and nutritious diet to all the in-patients as per the diet advice given by the concerned doctors. The department supplies both therapeutic and normal diet to the patients. Free diet is given to all patients admitted in the general wards and for pay wards a nominal amount of Rs. 30/- (Rupees thirty) per day is charged for the supply of diet.


The Dietetics Department is located on the eastern side of the campus in between the Pharmacy and the Central Stores. It is well connected with all the departments of the hospital which is helpful for easy distribution of diet to all wards.

List of equipments

The Department of Dietetics is equipped with state of the art cooking equipment like:

  • Steam operated Cooking Ranges containing 12 numbers of boiling vessels
  • Gas operated Cooking Ranges
  • Exhausts for ventilation
  • Fresh Air Machine
  • Walk in Cold Storage – 2
  • Vegetable Cutter – 2
  • Steam Idly Cooker and Egg Boiler with 360 Idlys per set and 1000 eggs at a time – 1
  • Wet Grinder – 2
  • Electrical Milk Heater – 2
  • Vegetable Peeler – 2
  • Whipping Machine -1
  • Tray Washing Machine – 1


Break Fast : Whole wheat bread / Pongal/ Rava kitchedi/ Wheat uppuma, Milk / coffee, butter/ Jam & boiled egg

10.00 A.M : Fruits, milk, sago payasam, veg.soup, chicken soup, sour lime, soyamilk, canjee, mixed cereal porridge, raw egg and biscuits

Lunch : Raw rice/ boiled rice, Vegetable sambhar, Vegetable poriyal,Extra poriyal greens, Curd rice, Egg / Dhal/ chicken for high protein

03.00 P.M : Milk for children, tea and wheat payasam for therapeutic and special diet

Dinner : Raw rice/Boiled rice/ Wheat rice/ idly, Sambhar, Poriyal, Extra  poriyal, Sundal, Curd  etc.

8 P.M : Milk for children, therapeutic and special diet

  • Cereals and pulse mixed laddu are given thrice in a week to children
  • Chicken was supplied once in a weak to burns patients, PEM patients etc
  • Chicken soup was supplied once in a weak to Fluid diet patients, burns patients, PEM patients etc
  • Idly is supplied once in a weak
  • Wheat rice is supplied to diabetic patients
  • Soya milk Conjee is supplied to fluid diet patients, burns patients. PEM patients etc.