Departmental Administration

Sl. No. Name of the Post Count
01 Officer-in-charge 01
02 Senior Dietician 02
03 Dietician 01
04 Assistant Dietician 09
05 Steward 02
06 Storekeeper 01
07 Boiler Attendant 01
08 Head Cook 01
09 Senior Cook 03
10 Cook 12
11 Data Entry Operator (Contract) 01
12 Boiler Attendant Boiler Attendant 02
13 Cook (Contract) 05
14 DRLs/Colies 56
15 UDS 05

Staff Structure:

The Department has nearly 33 regular staffs 8 contract staff which include Dieticians, Cooks, boiler operators, Office Staffs, and 63 supporting staffs on temporary basis. The department has one Officer-in-Charge and one Deputy Officer-in-Charge.


Dr. Pratima Agarwal

(Chief Medical Officer)

Senior Dietician

Mrs. D. Madhavi

Mrs. R. Poonguzhaly


Mrs. Marie Sujatha. L

Assistant Dieticians

Ms. K. Vijayalakshmi

Ms. D. Umasankari

Ms. Vineetha Kumaran

Ms. M. Harinee

Ms. A. Dhilshath Begum

Ms. Shalini Urban

Ms. P.M. Rama Prabha

Ms. Milan Muhammad Suroor

Ms. Ankita Debbarma


Mr. G. Gunasillen


Mr. V. Devapady

Mr. D. Vasudevan

Boiler Attendant

Mr. S. Dinakaran


Mr. R. Sathiyamurthy

Head cook

Mr. V. Vasu

Senior Cook

Mr. R. Kalaiselvan

Mr. K. Sammantham


13 regular cooks

Contract staff (8 staff)

Boiler Attendant (Contract)-2 numbers

Data Entry Operator (Contract)-1 numbers

 Contract cooks- 5 numbers

Supporting staffs

63 temporary bases (58-DRL + 5-UDS)

Last Updated :14-Sep-2023