The Department of Dentistry

The department performs a variety of general dental procedures like restorations, oral prophylaxis, removable prosthesis and the entire range of minor dentoalveolar and oral soft tissue surgeries. It serves as a tertiary referral center for dental and oral care in medically complex patients, including those on chemo-radiation therapy and organ transplants. Seven beds are available in the ward for inpatient care.  

Specialty maxillofacial surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia on Fridays and alternate Mondays in Elective OT and on emergency basis in EMS and Trauma OT. Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma and facial space infections are managed almost exclusively by the department. Maxillofacial reconstructive surgeries, management of maxillofacial pathologies and oral oncology surgeries are also being performed regularly. The department also provides specialty Orthodontic services like removable appliances, myofunctional and facial orthopedic appliances, fixed appliances and dental management of cleft lip and palate and temporomandibular disorders

Last Updated :02-Nov-2022