The department nurtures an interactive approach between clinical and basic science to create knowledge. We study the interrelated molecular, cellular and genetic regulatory mechanisms that dictate the immune responses associated with a wide spectrum of systemic autoimmune diseases. Our current areas of research include

  1. Immunogenetics & Immunopathogenesis
  2. Infections & autoimmunity
  3. Biomarker discovery
  4. Digital health
  5. Epidemiological studies of autoimmune rheumatic diseases

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Effect of cyclophamide based treatment regimen on type 1 interferon signatures in proliferative lupus nephritis
  2. INSPIRE Project: A multiinstitutional cohort of SLE: Understanding the diversity of SLE
  3. Humanistic and economic burden of rheumatoid arthritis (HERA) study
  4. Helminth immunomodulation in Rheumatoid arthritis-understanding the role of human monocytes.

List of Publications Pubmed indexed journals : Click Here

Last Updated :14-Oct-2022